The company T-Services’ acceptance of innovative completed tasks on a competitive selection

The company "T-Services," reported the entry into the final stage of the project to build high-performance computing market in the nanotechnology industry and other sectors of the economy.


The project, initiated on the initiative of the State Corporation "Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies" (now reorganized into JSC "RUSNANO" and the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs), launched in June 2010. The amount of funding from the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs amounted to about 140 million rubles. The purpose of the project — acceleration of the introduction of a supercomputer simulation for the development and production of new high-tech products to industrial and commercial companies. As an artist, on the basis of open competition, was selected as the "T-Services", which are the responsibilities of the initial screening, staging, budgeting and decision of the selected tasks.

During the year that has passed since the approval of the project by "T-Services" processed over 500 requests for the solution of problems for industries such as nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, power engineering, chemical and oil and gas industries. All of them have passed the strict competitive selection, and only 200 of them were presented to the expert council of the Foundation, which based on the results of eight meetings approved 48 innovative applications. Currently, more than half of the problems have been solved, the solution of the remaining tasks to be completed in December.

"Today, we can talk about the successful completion of the first phase of the project, — Says Evgeny Evdokimov, Managing Director of RUSNANO infrastructure projects. — Its purpose was to monitor the demand for supercomputing. We made sure that these services are in high demand and help solve a variety of problems for a variety of industries, especially high-tech. Carrying supercomputing can not only save funds previously spent on in-situ experiments and purchase expensive stand equipment, but also significantly reduce the time of the decision of tasks. "

"Supercomputer simulations, replacing the full-scale tests, opens entirely new possibilities in the design and manufacture of high-tech products, — Notes Maxim Bulanov, Director of ZAO "T-Services." — In some cases — such as the study of the properties of nanomaterials, thermonuclear fusion and the human genome, the replacement of high-performance computing natural experiments simply impossible. On the other hand, the process of self-change from full-scale tests to supercomputer simulation is very difficult, because it requires a deep expertise and investment of significant funds. Implementation of the project will facilitate the process of designing and manufacturing innovative products through the introduction of a radically new and more efficient methods. "

The company "T-Services", which is part of the Russian supercomputer holding "T-Platforms" — a Russian company providing a full range of services in high-performance computing. Providing comprehensive support for resource-intensive computing, the company helps clients dramatically reduce costs significantly increase the speed of innovation and increase their competitiveness. The main goal is to remove barriers that impede companies access to supercomputers computing resources, including not only the high cost of equipment and software, but also a lack of specialists able to accurately carry out complex calculations. "T-Services" solves these problems with the minimum cost, providing computing power and software outsourcing and in performing the calculations by in-house experts.

"T-Platforms" — a leading Russian supercomputer holding company, delivering a full range of solutions and services in the field of high performance computing. Holding develops its own hardware and software platform designed for building supercomputer installations peratflopsnogo level of performance, as well as helping customers painlessly implement high-performance computing technology, offering services of expert modeling and calculations in different application areas. The company has implemented more than 170 supercomputing projects, 6 of which are included in the ranking Top500 most powerful computers in the world. Holding "T-Platforms" includes ownership of the company "T-Platforms," the company "T-Services», T-Massive Computing, T-Design, and has offices in Moscow, Hanover, Kiev and Taipei.

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