The company Vega was included in the Technology Platform Medicine of the Future

The research structure Alcor Bio Group — the company "Vega" — in 2011 became part of the Technology Platform "Medicine of the Future" and the current on the platform of the Scientific and Technical Council of the "Molecular and cellular targets for diagnosis and therapy."

TP "Medicine of the Future" was the first officially established technology platform in the Russian Federation. The activities of the Technology Platform "Medicine of the Future" is under the patronage of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

In October 2011, in the Kaliningrad BFU. Immanuel Kant, a meeting of the Steering Committee and the Scientific and Technical Council of the TP "Medicine of the Future." Academics, government agencies and the business community in the form of an open dialogue tried to solve two global challenges: to develop a road map for the development of the Technology Platform "Medicine of the Future" and to determine the principles of the Strategic Research Programme.

Director of Science LLC "Vega" Group Alcor Bio Yuri Cheburkin, commented:
— At a meeting in Kaliningrad, we participated in the development or rather the completion of the state program "Development of science and technology," the implementation of which will be carried out under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. In particular, our company participated in the discussion of a number of proposals for one of the directions of the state program, which is designated therein as "the science of life." I must admit, it was a lot of controversy, in the end — of the proposals made in the state program, part — rejected. Through this open discussion were able to expand and clarify the wording of sections of the key points of the program devoted to laboratory diagnostics and medical technology.

Responding to a question, what results to expect scientific team of "Vega" from membership in TP "Medicine of the Future," Yuri said Cheburkin:
— I hope this will give us a clear understanding of government priorities in the development of medical and bio-technology and innovation in Russia at the moment, as well as vectors of development in the future. Moreover, together with other members of TP, we will be able to influence the strategy of the state in this matter. If globally, TC — this is a very effective tool to help Russian science to rise, to reach a new level of development.

At the meeting in Kaliningrad also discussed the inclusion of new members into the platform. It should be noted that not all applicants were given a positive answer to join the TP "Medicine of the Future." If we talk about business, here running this principle of selection: TA may become parties only players with serious intentions, which have high scientific and industrial potential.

For the record:
In fact, the technology platform — a tool of public-private partnership, its activities are aimed at strengthening the interaction and cooperation of business, science and government to promote the scientific development of the market. In the purview of TP "Medicine of the Future" includes biomedical developments in instrumentation, medical products, diagnostic systems, a multiple-materials (dressings, dental, and prosthetic materials). Currently, the platform already includes about 200 participants, including leading Russian universities (MSTU. Bauman Moscow State University, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, School of Economics), Academy of Medical Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as business partners and state corporations.
The main task of TP — to identify which of the new scientific developments are really promising, and then for them to develop breeding programs on the market. After all, according to its organizers, in Russia today, the developer, creating innovation, too much time lost searching for investment and its implementation, at the time when he could be to focus on new scientific research. Technology Platform to solve this problem.
It is important to note that the projects that pass through technological platforms have the greatest access to the federal budget and regional resources, the resources of companies both public and did other forms of ownership.
It is planned that the main activity of participants TP "Medicine of the Future" will be the creation and promotion of projects aimed at creating new means of highly effective prevention, diagnosis and treatment of humans. It will be the development of convergent technologies that are at the intersection of bio-nano-information areas. TP "Medicine of the Future" aims to contribute to the development of Russia's most modern trends in medicine, and that the transition to predictive medicine, personalized and improving quality of life.

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