The court acquitted the psychiatrist. The prosecutor's office protests

Gomel Regional Court Judge Lyudmila Grin'ko acquitted former psychiatrist Eugene Grandfather, who back in 2009 he was convicted of arson Novobelitsky District Court to 4 years of imprisonment in a maximum security prison.

"I was very happy just verdict. Previously, I think I was punished because the need was raskryvalnasts arson ", — said Mr. Grandfather.

The criminal case against former psychiatrist Gomel regional psychiatric hospital for burning of farm buildings in the area Novobelitsky examined three times. The police "hung" on a psychiatrist even setting fire to their body armor — say, a he thrust Piramal.

30-year-old with higher medical education did not recognize the charges and did not agree with them, appealed the sentences in including and the Supreme Court. Last year, the psychiatrist was released from prison, replacing prison cell on his own recognizance. Only Eugene Grandfather held in custody 397 days.

On once Grandfather court found guilty of arson and acquitted on the grounds of "nedakazanastsi his participation in the commission of these crimes."

However, Deputy District Attorney Navabelitski Roman Jacks filed a protest against the verdict the judge, who will review board of the regional court.



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