The economic crisis in Belarus strengthens position in Russia in this country

Belarus has come to an end funds, and people spend days standing in lines to exchange rubles, preparing for a new devaluation, the article says Associated Press, published in the Washington Post.

"As the country is the last dictatorship in Europe, from which, after the last election recoiled West, Russia is now free to allocate its own conditions in exchange for aid, — says the article. — Making the provision of government Alexander Lenkukashi 3 billion dollars, it could put an eye on the most profitable assets of Lukashenko, such as oil refineries and chemical plants. "

"Lukashenko is beginning to understand that, slamming the door foot in the West, he condemns himself to the conditions put forward by the Kremlin," — said the former head of the Central Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bogdanovich.

"It is unlikely that Russia will give money to Belarus without demanding that it guarantees relating to Belarusian state property," — said Anton Struchanevski, an economist at Moscow investment bank, "Troika Dialog".

Alexei Moiseev, chief economist at the Moscow "VTB Capital", said that the only long-term solution for Belarus may be restructuring its economy. "It is normal to have this kind of economy where they can buy cheap oil and gas in Russia and get cheap loans in the West. Now both the sources of their wealth dried up, and the economy can not function properly."

"Lukashenko has entered into an open confrontation with the West, for it is most important to keep control of the situation in Belarus. He does this in his usual way -. Iron fist — said the Belarusian analyst Valery Karbalevich -. Now Belarus expects Russia's debt hole into which President Lukashenko climbs deeper and deeper. "

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