The Englishman in the garden — the wreckage of a UFO?

February 28, 2013 9:28

Steve Hornsby from Bormuta told reporters that in his garden in the afternoon on Thursday, with the rain and the hail fell 3-cm transparent balls.

— The outer shell harder than internal. This is not a sticky substance, it does not smell and does not melt, — says Steve.
He barely managed to gather up a dozen pieces, as if balls were composed of iron and fell apart in his hands — Steve had just poured them into the jar with a spoon.

In response to his request to the Met Office, gave an official response, it definitely is not meteoosadki. By the way, Steve Hornsby noticed that the sky at the time of rain and hail was dark yellow.

Josie Pegg — assistant researchers of Applied Sciences, University of Bormutskogo stated that this may be the eggs of marine invertebrates such cases occurred in the past.

True, it is winter and early for spawning, but the winter this year, too warm and all could happen. Document the fact that birds can carry eggs on their legs, and if they go out in the rain, it will wash away the eggs with their feet on the ground. So this could be a solution.

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