The ensuing week in central Russia will be cold

Hold out the cold in the central regions of European Russia, at least until the weekend, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

According to meteorologists, the day before in the CFA was snow. In particular, in the Tver region fell to 14 millimeters of rain in Smolensk — up to 11 mm, in the Moscow region — up to 9 millimeters. In Moscow — 7-8 millimeters. "Supercooled and freezing precipitation, ice form, were observed in the south of the district — in Bryansk, Kursk, Orel, Lipetsk and Tambov regions", — the report says.

In Tuesday night the temperature drops to 12-19 degrees below zero in some places — light snow. From Wednesday to Friday of the CFD will be at the border of the cyclone, which will take the north and east of the region, and an anticyclone formed over north-west Europe. The Central Federal District with a northerly wind will continue to do cold air masses.

"Strengthening the frost will occur in the south district. On Wednesday night the temperature drops to 15-22 degrees, sometimes in clarifying to 25-30. Expected from day 9 to 16. Average daily temperature is below normal by 2-4 degrees. Places will snow "- said weather service.

Over the weekend of the CFD will be on the northern periphery of the anticyclone, which will move to the east. Pressure above the norm, but a significant change in weather patterns will occur. Places will be sunny. The most probable values of night temperature — 12-19 degrees, sometimes in clearings of 20-25 degrees.

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