The essence of the Moscow pahanata

The essence of the Moscow pahanataBehavior and values of at least some social groups in almost all defined by its origin. Because of her research should begin with an analysis of its history, which usually allows you to remove the bulk of puzzling questions related to the Tipo "irrational" and "unpredictable" behavior of this group.

Is no exception and the Russian ruling "elite".

In order to avoid misunderstandings and empty moralizing should immediately clarify that the management (as opposed to ethical) point of view of "elite" does not form a part of a highly moral society. Elite — it's "only" part of it, specifically involved in the development of important decisions for him or is the prototype for mass follow, because the latter have an impact on the overall behavior of not less than those determined by the formal rules of conduct.

"Elite" of the modern Russian Federation was formed in a tough competitive struggle in throughout the quarter century of state treason in the process of intense and fully realized work of looting and destruction of our country.

The main properties of this word is "conscious": starry-dissidents and "democrats of the first wave," unable to build on his nose, or rapidly forge a brutal mercenary predators, or were fiercely rejected from the "trough" — generally, in general, failing to realize what happens around it.

Not very smart people in the Russian state is practically no — for the same reason that there are almost no people are not very rich. Those members of the elite who did not like her manner, her attitude to their own country and their own people, or leave it for yourself, not able to come to terms with its murderous policies, or were competing for the capture of new positions with the missing enthusiasm is tempered by conscience. As a result, they suffered defeat and pushed out of the elite or, at least, on its periphery.

So Makar, from the standpoint of the public interest, the modern Russian "elite" — a product of a long, bitter and continuing to the present time of adverse selection. Obviously, there are some, as in other areas, and very conspicuous exceptions, but as long as we can judge, there is no important reason to talk about the fact that the Russian "elite" is a country and society, and not enrich themselves at the expense of their mercantile and mass looting.

Closing Yeltsin, after which came a dramatic change in the composition of individual elite, has not led to any changes in the high quality of its disposition. Moving from personal, commercial oligarchy, is attributable to the municipal property and municipal funds outside the country, to the oligarchy of power, acting from within the country and to complement the arsenal of its own with the personal enrichment of extortion oligarchy niskolechko not rehabilitate Russian government.

The looting of Russian heritage (or, if you will, "development of trophy space"), and still is, as you can tell, the main content of the Russian state, created a highly efficient model of shadow privatization of public domain, export it in a fashionable country and legalize it as a personal wealth.

Fundamentally principle is absolute, bondage Russian "elite" from luxurious states. For Muslims, this includes some Islamic countries, for the Turks — Turkey, but for main part of the "elite" is exhausted advanced countries of the West. Several attempts to diversify capital withdrawal of the Russian Federation made a "zero" years, accompanied by the lowest or bolshennymi (right up to the total loss of the evacuees funds) ills caused by the first cultural differences.

So Makarov, Russian "elite" is not independent: totally dependent on the West, it must express its collective will. That's why more is not correct to call it the "elite" and "get-together", free from liability to the property of the state and its people and therefore possesses a unique highest level of irresponsibility.

Obviously, the "elite" is not uniform. Her break not only the commercial struggle for these or other "most sweet slices of Russia", and the profound ideological, and value differences.

One part, wholeheartedly believes that the meaning of life is in the real consumption, formed a clan of "liberals" slave "fashionable country" fully and conclusively. In fact the case, it's "assault infantry" global governing class, for the moment angrily attacking the second part of the "elite" — the "siloviki", united not only by common descent (it is quite clean and civilian people), but understanding the importance of not only real, and the symbolic use, public affirmation. As a result, if the "liberals" are subject to the West is undeniable and entirely, the "siloviki", subject, constantly snapping at its own owners and assert themselves at their expense, which, given the degradation of Western elites, causes irritation of the completely natural.

Never forget that these are implacably hostile groups united by a common state model looting Russia. Their bills are in the same Western banks, their wives and mistresses lived in adjacent (or even the same) homes, not to mention the towns, their kids 'learning' in the same popular Western institutions.

Together with the fact the conflict between them is caused not only a different ideology, and the rupture taking shape inside the Western elite. The beginning of their formation at the turn of the '90s and 2000s led to the rapid rise of the global governing class — a set of international businessmen, politicians, intelligence, united by a common trans-national way of life and values dictated to them. Specifically, while global management class, frostbite on his own liberal ideology, just prevailed over the state bureaucracy — even countries such as the United States.

"Liberals", was defeated in the internal Russian politics, survived thanks to the unquestioning serve the interests of the global governing class. "Siloviki", the old-fashioned focusing on the national bureaucracy, balancing between the United States and quickly emerges as a nuclear submarine, a rising China.

But the development of the global crisis has changed the global configuration of forces. As rightly pointed out, Misha Hazin, the bulk of the global governing class, realizing the inevitability of a world divided into macro-regions, has set its sights on the future control of the relationship between them and the accelerated development of the brain and are not controlled by them at the time of the macro-region — China. With all of this little old competitive conflicts relegated to the second plan — witness, namely, the symbolic union of capital and the Rockefeller families of Rothschild.

Opposes them a group of American financiers, whose main resource was the emissions control dollar as the world reserve currency, seeks to prevent the division of the world into macro-regions because this will lead to a sharp narrowing of the scope of the appeal dollar, a decline in their impact and profound destabilization of the United States.

This restructuring zastignula Russia's ruling "get-together" by surprise. At the current time, both its main clan are trying to operate on a "tender of Tell 2-queen sucks," which, in principle, it is entirely reasonable. But in the long term, as can be judged, "liberals&
quot; will be forced out under the supervision of American financiers, milked from the Fed exhausted the last drops of its former glory. "Siloviki" is aimed at cooperation with China, will come under the control and protection of the global governing class — and the purpose of Sechin, the head of "Rosneft", leading negotiations with ExxonMobil on the exchange of assets, it is in this sense, is very significant.

Giving the first article characteristic Russian "elite", I read not only about the looting, and the winding up of its Russia. "Destruction" in this case is not only a natural consequence of "looting", and independent, although not publicized (and often not consciously understood) activity. After all, for theft of impunity must first be firmly put down the possibility of resistance on the part of this robbery and robbed, — and this, in turn, need to fully relax, break up and disorient them, destroying that society and the country. It is in this, namely, (a not for personal inclinations of the RF President, as you have just read in the other various promotional articles) is a strategic reason for the consistent policy of settlement of any and all institutions. It is interesting that the outcome of this course is characterized by modern analysts as "pahanat" — a term which after some time, will step out of personal discussions and drafts of the formal scientific literature.

Politics are not only looting, and destruction for the creation of a more profitable and non-hazardous criteria robbery leads to the fact that by stealing a penny, Russian "effective owners" often destroy public wealth on the ruble. This is a protest, even in their their environment, in which a quarter of a century, the development of market relations grown a huge amount of skilled managers. Not realizing the devastating and unnatural disposition of their own social group as a whole (because it needs to look at it from the side, they virtually impossible), its more competent part of the increasingly apparent revolt against the destructive disposition assignment "Soviet legacy".

This is a major contradiction inside the modern Russian "elite".

Given the fact that the "Soviet legacy" quite obviously ends, forcing the dominant social group to tighten the pressure on all the other (quite remember the fall of real incomes of the population in 2011, despite the almost 40% increase in the world price of oil), it is possible to come at the conclusion of the inevitability of the split of the "elite."

Its relatively young part, retained in position assistants and artists rise against major beneficially current model, focusing at all on this massive popular protest (and, of course, by all means inflating it).

Since the real source of existence of modern Russian "elite" — the "Soviet legacy" — is exhausted, it will not reformatting of the "elite" in the modern model of Russian statehood, but to a breakdown of the model itself, and perhaps the country's recovery and the return of his on natural for him (and Russian culture in which it is shipped) position of service to the country and society.

But the path to that is messy and violent.

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