The fate of babies born to the Nazis

The fate of children born from the NazisOfficial statistics do not exist. There are only guesses — perhaps on the ground of the USSR in 1941-1944. born about 100 thousand (!) kids whose fathers were German occupiers. As in the upcoming developed their fate?

The door did not open for a long time. Finally, after six calls were heard shuffling sounds and buzz of bottles. I surveyed the peephole, people, Husky coughing, asked:

— What to you want?

— I came from Moscow. Here's my ID … I wish to talk … about your father.

Sounds outside the door over. Lost even breathing:

— Get out of here. I did not have any father. Do you hear? WAS NOT!

"Cut" nemchat "

This topic is heavy. About her silent for 70 years, not to mention even a whisper. Actress Vera Glagoleva, starring in the 2009 movie "One War" about women who gave birth to babies from the Germans, said in an interview: "It's very difficult to find an invoice. They do not want to read aloud. I collected stories of the particles. No one came to the premiere of the movie. They are afraid. "

June 8, 1942 the command of the Wehrmacht in the occupied regions of the USSR issued a "Memo on the behavior of the German soldier." I quote an excerpt from there: "urgently required to limit contact with the female half of the fighter civilian population — because of the risk of harm clean the German race." Restrictions probably did not help.

Already in March 1943, the commandant of the town of Falcon Major General Adolf Hamann stated: "After giving birth to a child of the German soldier, a Russian mother is entitled to alimony." After receiving testimony from his father, the treasury paid 30 marks per month. How many of these ladies have? And, most importantly, how many babies were born?

Make out a sad experience of other states. For 5 years (1940-1945.) In a tiny Norway came into the world 12 thousand kids: their fathers were SS and Wehrmacht soldiers. One of those kids, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, the daughter of Sergeant Major Alfred Haase was evacuated to Sweden and later became a soloist of the cult band ABBA. In France, the result of "horizontal cooperation" (as sneeringly called it the French themselves) with the Germans were 200 thousand (!) Newborns. And what about us? It's nothing. This theme — a taboo.

In the archives there is a letter to Joseph Stalin, Academician Ivan Maisky sent by April 45th: the scientist husband was interested in how to deal with children who were born with Russian ladies from the German fighter. In a letter to Academician proposed "to remove all of these polls," nemchat ", change the names and send them to orphanages."

— I estimate that in Russia, the Baltic States, Belarus and the Ukraine as a result of co-habitation with the Germans in 1941-1944. born between 50 and 100 thousand kids — says researcher and historian of the United States Kurt Blaumayster. — The percentage is very small, since under the occupation was 73 million Russian people and five million German fighter performing the functions of the occupants in the main were young men.

What did happen later? About 2 thousand were exiled to give authorities resettled in the area of snow-white sea. They took the kids to raise public institutions. Such mothers could not stand, was called "the German sheeting", when in fact it's not that simple. Someone was sleeping with the enemy, so as not to die of hunger and feed their own babies. Many of the girls were raped and became pregnant, did not want an abortion.

"Stoked as kittens'

64-year-old Kurt Blaumayster too child War is just opposite. His mother, germanka from Berlin, begot a child from Russian officer and then in 1948 moved to America. When my mother died, Blaumayster long found his father, but did not find one. "Mother told his name was Volodya, — sighs researcher. — Picture is not preserved. "

At the moment, Kurt earns a living by making expeditions on orders of relatives Wehrmacht soldier killed in clashes with the army of the Red. He rides across the expanses of the former USSR and tries to find the remains of the dead. Explore the archives, taking statements from witnesses. Over the last 5 years to Blaumaysteru three times and received other orders, as he says, "very unusual."

90-year-old, once came to this earth with a gun in his hand, as if the death, trying to find their own children. Those who gave birth to their Russian and Ukrainian ladies.

— I managed to find only two — says Blaumayster. — For senior citizens, almost 70 years. 1st found in Tikhvin, the other — in Vyborg. Both refused to talk to me — do not want to have biological fathers with nothing to do.

"I'm lucky anymore. Standing in the doorway, a quarter of an hour I spoke through the closed door, and the man let me into the apartment, although six months back did not let go Blaumaystera. Ivan Sergeyevich (name changed) vyznat secret own birth 10 years ago. Dying from cancer, mother decided to open him the truth. quite greyish, it indicates its post-war photo — svetlenky boy with freckles plays the balalaika.

"When in the yard voynushku played, I was teased," Nemchik, "- he says. — I immediately climbed to fight. Funny, is not it? "

Ivan Sergeyevich up in believing that his father was a guerrilla, who was executed by the Nazis. The reality turned out to be ruthless. "My mother was left alone in Narva with a baby in her arms — my older brother. The milk was gone, the brother fell ill and it all corporal flagged Obozny of service. Dame, states and condensed milk, and bread, if you lie to me. So she lay down … A brother is still dead. When realized she was pregnant, it was too late. Behold, he wants me? He did not father to me, and b … fascist. It's like my mother was raped. "

His mother explained to: so did many. Even those who have a spouse at the front. "What woman does not just go, if only to kids with hunger will not swell. Nothing to eat, potato cleaning on prazdnichkom spruce. There were, of course, and whores that walked with the officers of perfume and silk dresses. Fritz raped too much — beautiful girls smeared with soot, humpback, in rags walking, just to keep it out. And climbed all the same — the same healthy men, women without them seriously. In one of our yard, his mother said, for three, four "Nemchik" were born, like me, fair-haired. When our army came, two mothers of toddlers Fritz, like kittens, drowned in the river, and my mother ran away with me, that it was told neighbors ", — says Ivan Sergeyevich.

Fathers with swastika

I tried to find a near Petersburg 93-year-old lady who gave birth to a child in 1942 by the Wehrmacht officer, but did not find her — "addressee has left." And the point? No one wants to remember the past. In addition to those exiled to the village to the white sea, in 1945, several thousand Russian women (precise figure unknown to) received 10 years imprisonment for his article "The cooperation with the occupiers," even though they worked purely in bed. Lacked a neighbor's denunciation — the child of Fritz, and authorities did not understand who is right and who is povinet.

"Why bother with them? — An angry ex-guerrilla, a 90-year-old Nina Fedorova. — We have fought wars in the woods, frostbitten without food, and the creatures with the Germans in tight on the
beds. Well, who snasilnichali — no words, there is another thing. "

But all the archival sources converge in the outlook: 80% of women have escaped persecution. Their kids — and those that were in the orphanage, and those that remained with their mothers (with rare exceptions) — not know who their fathers are.

When I conducted the investigation, I asked, "And you yourself, then how to relate to these ladies?"

Tough Questions

The heroine of the movie "One War", bursting into tears, screaming officer of the NKVD: "Wives, sisters could not protect their own — so at least learn to be sorry!"

We have to admit most of the cases of co-existence with the Germans did not have any volunteer. In Norway, the organization "Union of kids of war" is 150 people in France in association "Heart without borders" — 300. It seems that in Russia would be typed much less. I was able to find only 1 person who recognized that his father — the Teuton. And then on the criteria of complete anonymity. These kids (now retired), or do not know their origin, or prefer to remain silent — ashamed. If only the neighbors do not know that you — "Fritz" and your mom — "litter." And it's 70 years later.

And here I wish to express my worldview.

The German government has to pay compensation to prisoners of concentration camps and those who were sent to prison in the 3rd Reich. I think, in Berlin it's time to realize that people whose mothers were raped or forced to cohabit with the occupiers, too, deserve compensation. These victims of war, no one took into account, and in fact fathers swastika ruined the life of his children.

And in any case, like it was, WHETHER IT YOURSELF Kids innocent. They are not "Nemchik." They — our.

By the way

Worse of all children born to the German occupiers, had not in Stalin's Soviet Union, and in a fully democratic Norway. 50 thousand Norwegian women (every tenth!) Came into contact with the Wehrmacht soldiers. 14 thousand of them were arrested, and five thousand ended up in jail. Kids, which the Norwegians called tyskerunge («German bastards") and naziyingel («Nazi caviar"), announced Looney — 90% of them ended up in the house for the insane … and stayed there until the 60's.! "The Union War babies" said tyskerunge used for tests with honey products.

In 2005, children from the Germans apologized and paid compensation of 30 thousand euros per person. In France in 1944-1945. for sex with enemy fighters were executed five thousand French women, 20 thousand were shaved bald and sentenced to one year's bullpen, and deprivation of French nationality. Children "Boches" was forbidden to teach the German language and German names carry.

In the Netherlands, after May 5, 1945 in the street mob justice killed 500 "whores traitor", and other implicated in the "horizontal cooperation" gathered in the squares and sewage poured from the hoses. Their babies were transferred to the children's home.

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