The fate of the naval superrazvedchika

Unique nuclear ship "Ural" 25 years without introducing zarzhavevaet

Nuclear reconnaissance ship "Ural" Project 1941 is moored to one of the Far berths with a slope of 5 degrees. At the service of nuclear reactors do not have enough professionals. Of the former team of 1,000 people just can scrape together throughout all the compartments hundred sailors. The main system has long been the great ship did not actually operate, and require intensive care for them a lot of money.

First 1990s naval spy "Ural" was classified vessel. The body and the nuclear power plant "Ural" like nuclear missile cruiser Project 1144 "eagle". But the electric sides of the ship, combat tasks for which it was created is particularly lurking.

Nuclear reconnaissance ship "Ural" Project 1941 «Titan» (Nato Codename «Kapusta»), a ship that is unparalleled in other States Navy in the world. The body and the nuclear power plant similar to the nuclear-powered cruiser project Orlan. Lack of languid arms and the superstructure placed on the ship have allowed a huge amount of electrical systems, intelligence, communications, surveillance, making what is called intelligence ship, in the multi-ship.

To solve the problems of electronic surveillance and treatment of the resulting disk imaging on a scale close to real time, the ship was mounted unique for its time computing complex consisting of several computers of the EU-1046 and "Elbrus"

The ship can carry electrical prospecting (with certain tasks can be solved without actually departing from the pier), track the trajectory of ballistic missiles, satellites to monitor and manage the repeater to work with the support of manned space flight gallakticheskih also do duty command ship of the fleet.

Ship laid 25 June 1981, launched in May 1983, was commissioned in 1988 for various technical reasons the ship was decommissioned after year after construction in 1989, plans for its proposed use are unknown. The possibility of realization, or recycling.

The performance properties of the CCB-33 "Ural"
Displacement, t 34640
Length 265 m
Width, 29.9 m
Draft 7,8 m
The speed 21.6 knots
Atomic reactor units. 2
Crew. 923

Cannon: 2 AK-176
Anti-aircraft guns: 4 AK-630, 4 MANPADS "Igla"
Guns: 4 12-mm
Helicopters: 1 Ka-32
The radar equipment:
Latitude / Radar: 3 MR-212/201 "Vychegda-U"; radar detection of air targets MR-750 "Fregat-MA."

"Ural" is not created for combat and can withstand only small boats and vessels, helicopters. For this there are two rapid-fire gun mounts AK-176 caliber 76 mm, four 30 mm artillery mounts AK-630, four quadruple launchers of MANPADS "Igla", four 12 mm twin machine gun "cliff-M". But the radio-electronic weapons of several electronic stations to detect air, surface and underwater targets, fire control, and a few special radar equipment and the corresponding system of "Coral", established to detect, track missile launches, tracking gallakticheskimi satellites and other objects in Earth orbit of particular value.

"Ural" could go indefinitely without refueling in neutral waters near the coast of the United States and cover the field of avionics South American base of intercontinental ballistic missiles, strategic aviation airfields. Its equipment and computers allow rapidly process a large amount of intelligence info and pass it to the military and political control of our country. Obviously such a ship that can carry an electrical prospecting with both ocean waters and not departing from its own pier at the naval base, obviously not happy and sheltered obvious enemies and newly minted partners of. But even at the current time, when it's been 25 years since the bookmark "Ural" is very difficult to find reliable information, as it was being built.

Scout on the Baltic SHIPYARD

Back in 1977 the military-industrial commission of the Central Committee, together with the USSR Ministry of Defense has decided to build a huge atomic spy ship "Ural" is 265 meters long and 30 meters wide. Engineered his Central Design Bureau "Iceberg". Laid the ship in June 1981, launched on in 1983, and commissioned the Navy, he was already adopted 1988-1989. Especially for electronic reconnaissance tasks, handling mass produced disk imaging was mounted to a unique long-electronic computer system of a computer-type EC-1046 and "Elbrus". With the help of the "Coral" naval spy could track the trajectory of ballistic missiles, manned gallakticheskih devices to work as a repeater to transmit data.
In 1988, the start of the test the entire system in the Baltic Sea. For this purpose we created a bigger ship issledovatelstkaya scientific organization. This facilitated the management of a large research team, which at the time running, engineering, industrial, and, in the end, the municipal trial was in fact never left the ship.

In 1989, the state signed the act of acceptance of the ship and began his transition to the port of Vladivostok. Were made up of all-encompassing team of professionals who while sailing eliminated potential problems. Control over the computer with 2 "Elbrus" head scientist Vladimir Anikeyev. The computer does not go into lusted performance and pick and choose. The first time I saw Anikeyev tropical sun on the top deck just abeam of Singapore. In fact, it is always lost in the depths of the ship and brought the equipment to the condition that she could handle and provide information in real time. After 59 days handsome "Ural" The shooter walked into the bay near Vladivostok. Jetty velikanskogo ship was not, and he was obliged to anchor in the bay and begin to fight an invisible corrosion and breaking down the mechanisms that during a stop on the barrel secured all necessary for the life and work of countless crew.


The crew of "Ural" immediately began to prepare for a real combat operation in the area of the 1st of the test sites of U.S. missile defense. But in a brand-new ship began to occur breakage, yes, such that even with spices Baltic Shipyard naval engineers were unable to repair the cooling system of a nuclear installation. Neither of which the campaign against military service is no longer in question. Does not lusted after work and unique intelligence complex "Coral" computer "Elbrus". Since they could not do anything specially prepared naval spices.

As a result, the ship of the first rank, which was to become the flagship of the Navy's Far East, has become a floating barracks for the young naval officers or unpromising. In the sea did not come out, and its powerful radio electronics inside, in which the mass of precious metals evenly came into disrepair and plundered. The officers who were sent out to serve on this ship, a year and a half of futility wrote reports to be transferred to other locations or dismissal from the Navy. If the command does not satisfy such requests, there were cases when the officers jumped overboard from the ship and get to swim to shore. After similar protests commanders have not dared interfere with the wishes of his own subordinates with "Ural".

There were id
eas to use the "Ural" as floating nuclear power station and even implement over the limit for scrap. But it did not work out because of the Russian atomic secrets. Ship as before on the sludge. None of today's Russian naval commanders found him not implemented. About prefer not to read it openly. And only last chief of the Head of Staff of the Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Hmelnov a book of his own confession, "the Russian fleet. Valor and poverty "opened Zahav lurking over the fate of the huge ship. "On the nuclear ship" Ural "- says a retired admiral, — the power plants of two people are instead of six."
Of the crew of 1,000 people currently on the "Ural" has less than 100, of which 25 sailors. Do not operate refrigerators, only one pump evacuates the hero of the holds tremendous overboard accumulated water. In the Navy they say that after the dismantling of nuclear reactors on board to remove the last reason to sell the ship over the limit.

A couple of years back, "Ural" patch up the bottom at the local shipyard. But spetsy could not remove the inclination of 5 degrees. Later atomic spy moored to the wall, where he stood waiting for his own impending fate. According to the shipyard, particularly so began the preservation of Russian aircraft carriers before they are sold over the limit.

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