The first settlers arrived in Siberia, about a million years ago

News, Oct. 20. Siberian archaeologists have identified as in Siberia were first settlers, media reported.



As deputy director of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, D.Sc. Mikhail Shunkov, primitive people, traces of which are fixed on the most ancient sites in the region — Karama, arrived there about a million years ago.

"It is certain that the old layer has an age of about one million — eight hundred thousand years", — said the archaeologist.

According to the scientists, at the stage of homo erectus man left his cradle — of Africa and reached Eurasia.

"The settlement took place in various ways: one, through the Caucasus, followed by the north of Europe, and the two main — to the east. They went around Tibet and the Himalayas in the north and the south. Southern route led in South-East Asia, and farther north of the path ran through the territory of Kazakhstan and some Central Asian republics of the former USSR. In the end, he had to lead to the south of Siberia. Where exactly — it became known only through the work on Karami, "- said Shunkov.

Along with the archaeological excavations carried out in the parking lot of work on the dating of ancient deposits with remains of plants and animals in order to carry out reconstruction palaeographic conditions.

"We can say that in a time when man first came to the territory of the Altai, the natural environment was more favorable than it is now," — said Michael Shunkov.

Research conducted by scientists have shown that the climate at that time resembled the weather of the North Caucasus, was perhaps even warmer.

"In any case, there is the ancient people waited comfortable environment, and it is not surprising that they appear as one might think, in the harsh Siberian," — said the scientist.

According to Michael Shunkova, for the past ten years, studied parking Karama, which is located in the area Soloneshensky Altai region, in the valley of Anhui. For a monument of this size — a brief, besides all the archaeological work being done out there in need of great physical strength.

"You can say that even fifteen years ago, the oldest object in Siberia considered Denisova Cave (her age — 280 — 300 000 years).

Thus, we have at least three times increased the known term rights in the region ", — concluded the archaeologist.

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