The GPS module provides complete monitoring

It should be noted that one of the most important positive aspects of the DVR is its compactness and ease of installation. In most cases, set the DVR bracket included having adhesive. Also, sometimes it can be equipped with a simple suction cup.
DVR attached to a car windscreen glass. If necessary, the device is easy to remove, just press on the bracket. Motion sensor — a key component of the DVR. Most sensors have a system for automatic activation, which is triggered at times when there is an abrupt acceleration, braking or stroke occurs.
Another positive characteristic Car DVR — is the GPS module. Car DVR, which has a sensor GPS, allows you to remove data on the location and speed of the machine. In addition, these sensors use a satellite positioning system. Experts also point to the fact that most of the DVRs are equipped with low-cost carriers. Video recorded on a fairly common standard SDHC memory card or SD.

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