The Indian invasion Shimla monkeys

Invasion of the monkeys.  Photo: gooddays.ruNEW DELHI, Sept 30 — RIA Novosti, Evgeny Pakhomov. The famous Indian resort town Shimla, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, is suffering from an invasion of monkeys reported Friday news agency IANS.

Monkeys get into the house, take everything that is in the refrigerator, steal food, ruin gardens, even attack people on the streets and bite them, says media.

"Six or seven years ago, the monkeys are caught and transported to the forest, but now, after their population grew in the woods, they came back," — said the agency representative of the Department of Wildlife Gulati.

Residents of several districts and suburbs of Shimla, so that they do not wander tailed guests were forced to install the windows and doors of the lattice.

A number of monkey tricks even get into issues of local news. Thus, in early September, langur monkey began to come on passers-by and bite them with complaints addressed more than 10 people, the monkey had to shoot. Earlier, another monkey theft took office staff Points Power Corporation of Himachal Pradesh and attack people with glasses — a monkey somehow not interested in the other items on the table office staff.

So much so, that the Supreme Court of Himachal Pradesh, which is the administrative capital of Shimla, asked the Department of Wildlife report on what has been done to address the "monkey problem."

According to Gulati, Department of Wildlife began a program of sterilization of monkeys to keep the population under control "Quadrumana" terrorizing the popular resort town. According to this program, to control the population of monkeys, which number in Himachal Pradesh is around 320,000 individuals annually in the state to sterilize about six thousand animals for five years.

Representative of the Department of Wildlife also warns that tourists come to the city to be careful with the monkeys — in particular, not to feed them out of hand, do not try to play with them, so the monkeys can be aggressive, media reported.

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