The Kaliningrad region ranked first in Russia in terms of growth in egg production

Operational meeting in the regional government on Friday, December 7, head Kaliningradstat Galina Churikova reported on the results of socio-economic development for the period from January to September 2012. According to her, the growth rate of agriculture production Kaliningrad region ranked first in the North-West and seventh in Russia. "We are entering the 11 regions of the Russian Federation, which showed the index of industrial production", — underlined Churikova.

She noted that in the rate of egg production region came in first place in the Northwestern Federal District, as well as in Russia. As the pace of livestock production Kaliningrad region is the 4th place in the North-West and 20th in Russia, in terms of milk production — 2nd place in the North-West and 23rd in Russia.

According to the Minister of Agriculture Vladimir Zarudny, the regional authorities have set themselves the task of bringing the region into third place in terms of growth of production in agriculture. "Despite the fact that the region has greatly advanced in terms of, I think seventh place — it's not very good. And I think that the results of the year we may go to a much higher place than the seventh. We set ourselves the task enter the top three regions. The next year we have even more ambitious plans than were on this. They are associated with the construction svinoboyni, new dairy complex, we continue to land in turnover, "- commented Zarudny.

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