The Known Universe (season 3) watch online

The Known Universe (season 3) watch online
Transfer "Known Universe" slightly open in front of you Zahav lurking over by some questions about our vast universe, the answers to which are meant scientists, they managed to find. You will have three seasons of the cognitive transmission, watching you learn a lot of the latest disk imaging itself.

Will talk about the latest discoveries made by scientists in the fields of space, the structure of our universe and how things work in the galaxy. For you have to make incredibly interesting journey into the depths of the solar system, to uncover yourself a new, hitherto unknown to the world for you gallakticheskogo place.

For example, you will learn how to affect microgravity and radiation on human activity. Learn about the largest and massive stars, many times greater than the Sun, their functioning and unique properties. You'll see how to use in space, scientists are adapting our usual appliances. Also, you will walk through the inner sanctum gallakticheskoy science — high-tech NASA lab where you can with our eyes behold the equipment to use in the current time scientists to explore space.

A popular look Universe Online

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

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