The Large Hadron Collider — a hell of a car?

Unusual weather this summer has forced to think seriously about whether ill-considered intervention in nature. "Only Star" wrote about the possible impact on climate huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But there are other hypotheses, one of them — a catastrophic effect on the Earth unprecedented experimental physicists for acceleration of elementary particles in the Large Hadron Collider.

This ordinary post on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the townsfolk did not attach any significance. Publications in peer-July 5 of this year, said: accelerator physics was taken to a new record level of luminosity. This record physics went from early summer. The first fruits of their tireless work has appeared in the middle of June. Just at this time, Russia is dependent on blocking anticyclone with its terrible heat.

Rosslare Otto, the German physicist, an expert on chaos theory, has already expressed his opinion about the possible impact of the LHC on the planet:
— In the first four years after starting the collider, perhaps nothing will happen. And then someone would notice a ray going out at night in the Indian Ocean, and no one can explain it … because it's too late.

The fact that Otto Rosslare probably not mistaken, we can see, following what strange climatic changes accompany BAC test. Here is their chronology.

• 9-11 August 2008, during the pre-test, the tank, the residents of the Leningrad region witnessed a long strange phenomenon. The clouds hung geometrically perfect circle. At its core cloud structure resembled a funnel form hurricane from space. Despite the strong wind, the picture has not changed within the hour. Meteorologists said that the first of these clouds were not.

• August 22, 2008, immediately after the next test, the tank, the American continent series of powerful hurricanes struck. September 10 was a test run the LHC. And nature is immediately reacted to strong earthquakes in Iran and Chile.


• Hadron Collider launched in the fall of 2008. It is the largest in the history of particle accelerator, located on the border of Switzerland and France. In its 27-kilometer ring of the colliding beams of protons, overclocked to nearly the speed of light. In the LHC physics also want to catch a Higgs boson, called "God particle." On a theoretical justification for its existence built modern theory of the origin of the universe.

Voodoo altar

The principle of the LHC is a lot like the device features a witch's altar. Rotation — the old technique of black magic, especially Malicious promotion counterclockwise. In collider particles rotate around the ring. And because the tank is located deep in the earth, then the alternate motion first clockwise and then — against the possible impact on the world and especially in the bowels of the planet. It was September 10, 2008 elementary particles passed the full path to the collider ring clockwise, and then a second proton beam allowed through the tunnel in a counterclockwise direction.
Specially created for the collider essential elements of magical ritual — crystals of great size.

— Order entered the Virgin plant in Tula region, where he made more than a hundred thousand new type crystals — perfect for its transparency, — said Victor Matveev, director of the Institute for Nuclear Research.

BAK created for single crystals of lead tungstate. And some of them — in the form of pyramids, and others — a form resembling a phallus. By the way, lead is commonly used in black magic. The metal — a symbol of Saturn, ruler of time, death and destruction. The pyramids are not chosen by chance — it is also the most ancient magical tools to communicate with otherworldly realms. By the way, psychotronic generators often are based on a pyramid. And in the form of a phallus made magic wands, which are dotted with crystals. All this stuffing collider can become unprecedented hitherto psychotronic generator, which can cause terrible disasters worldwide.


Herbert Kahn, an American futurist, predicted in his writings that will create a doomsday machine capable of destroying all life on the planet and even the Earth itself.

Michel Nostradamus quatrains in VI, IX 97 and describes the effect of the deadly device capable of destroying the entire world:

Motor will develop
crazy speed
Battering ram breaking
restless age.
Which science gives
Promethean run.

In quatrain X X Centuries Nostradamus wrote that in Europe there will be some "satanic arc disease" that can cause a "terrible burning" half of the world. And contains the date — 2010.

Experts of the European Center for Nuclear Research, does not deny that the use of the machine can form a black hole, which, in their opinion, would immediately evaporate. Their opponents call immediately to stop the experiment, saying that it is possible the formation of stable microscopic black holes, because of what could split the Earth.

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