The last card Reptiles — «alien invasion»

Humanoid dragon and reptiles living in underground cities in the world, hands of the World Government strenuously prepared script "alien invasion" in which demonic aliens will be presented as a "savior."

To strangers was something we "save" World Government diligently brought our planet to ecological disaster.

For this purpose also provides bombs — is built hydro and nuclear power, especially located on a geological fault, so that their destruction in the event of strong earthquakes lead to the destruction of towns and large areas of radiation contamination.

Moreover, the impact of Nibiru on the gravitational field of the Earth, which may occur at the end of 2012 (or 2013-2016), the impact and the resulting displacement of the magnetic poles, and the strongest solar flares will lead to the melting of the glaciers of the polar caps, and to raise global sea level by at least 70 meters.

In addition to the environmental disaster planned several scenarios, one of which is the organization of a third world war in order to give Russia and other CIS countries of NATO. Occupation puppet government, which was installed in Russia after the collapse of the USSR, in 2012, he spent nearly complete disarmament and the elimination of the Russian army, destroyed or brought to the bankruptcy of strategic defense enterprises. In this case, the Interior Ministry and the FSB are the guardians of the occupation. These security services arm of modern weapons, fired in themselves worthy people and recruit those with total lack of any moral character. This is done to ensure that at the end of 2012 to use them to block all the cities where no one will be released. Throughout the electricity, water, gas, and people will be condemned to death.

Now comes the programming people at a subconscious level, through Hollywood films and the media to meet an alien spaceship. This is the reason lies in the declassification of several countries, some non-essential material about UFOs.

Under the leadership of Reptiles in the World Government in ancient times were held all world religions. Many so-called "holy" books of these religions tell of the coming again of a "savior". This plant was introduced by them only for one purpose only, to the second coming in the guise of an alien to carry out the scenario of "salvation."

When closer to the planet Nibiru will lead to large-scale disasters, the city will be left without electricity, and the world will cover the chaos, then there will be space ships, which under the guise of tricks "salvation" will deport people to believe in them.

Destruction of hydro, nuclear and other power plants and transmission lines to make the city zone of extinction, has vanished electricity, water, stop working shops, transport and gas stations. At this point, all the way out of town can be locked for the Interior Ministry on the orders of the World Government. Would be hunger and looting. People who do not have drinking water, and not being able to leave the city on foot, will die within the first two weeks.

When the remaining urban population panic, fear and a sense of bezishodnosti and consciousness of people, exhausted by hunger, would have done on any help from the outside, at the time and there will be newcomers, offering people "saved."

This will be done as follows …
Over major cities around the world will light three-dimensional holographic projection of Christ, Muhammad and other prophets, according to the religious disposition of the local population.

Luda that religious faith in the appearance of their "idols", they will bring to the corresponding pre-emotional state. For this purpose, a biologically resonant frequency, which will introduce people to a state of euphoria.

With the appearance of the sky on a holographic illusion phenomenon prophets people can hear the voice in your head urging them to follow the "savior" of the image which you want the space holographic projection.

This voice will be transmitted not through sound waves and telepathically, at the resonant frequencies of the brain.

For many decades, the World Government security forces also possess similar psychotronic technologies that can cause "radiosound" in the human head.

Using microwave generators directed modulated radiation beam can direct broadcast directly into the brain of people, so that they think they can hear the voice of "God", or anyone who will have the leading of this radio.

At about the same point in space, where there will be a holographic projection of the "Christ" will be given a light pulse, the emission of which is a combination of visible light rays, infrared and ultraviolet rays.

Those who follow the epicenter of events and will scrutinize the holographic image in the sky will fall on the effect of the light pulse, which causes people hypnotic trance by the visual impact on the minds of svetovolnovym radiation. In a state of hypnotic trance, people will not be able to control your mind and body, and, following external commands passed through the light pulse will be raised on huge spaceships. These ships will be placed over the holographic projection and may be invisible to the human eye, while in the infrared spectrum. Law respecting the integrity of the individual will, they will wait for the right time, when people on their own, looking at holographic decoys, will be under the influence of the light pulse and therefore under their control, to then raise these people on your board as prey.

So do not go and look at the so-called "Savior" will be very reasonable, since hardly anyone can keep his "I" after the meeting.

Nowadays people waiting coming "Savior", ie someone who will save them from suffering, it is important to understand that the representatives of the Dark Worlds use the image of Christ and try to take away with them in the thick of all the souls who believed in them.
And this world is not created for someone to someone saved from unpleasant events in the external world, and to educate the souls of men in a decent way of overcoming the difficulties and hardship that leads to spiritual evolution and improvement of our soul.
Those who voluntarily agree to leave the Earth, will be euthanized and transported to a new planet as a living source of food for man-eating reptiles. However, their memory will be erased and podpravlena, so that none of them will know that they once lived on Earth.
Alien invaders that are present on the Earth for thousands of years, are determined, they are going to carry out their plans and conceived for it by all means accelerate prepared an environmental catastrophe.

As soon as the planet Nibiru will be clearly visible throughout the northern hemisphere, the World Government under the leadership of Reptiles preparing an incredible havoc on the planet, which will lead to the destruction of all the countries and cities.

Therefore, we all have very little time, and we need to prepare for the autonomous country living in an environmentally friendly and safe places until mass chaos did not cover the continents to the full, will not work when no internet, no phone, no radio, no television, and communication between people will be lost.

Epilogue instead of joiningAncient history of mankind

In ancient times, more than 5000 years ago, the planet existed spiritually and technologically advanced human civilization, a world which was based on the Vedic culture. One of the principles of Vedic civilization was the preservation of the natural environment in its original form, but it did not destroy the high technology, and support nature.

Pyramids and other megalithic structures built by people on all continents, and found under ground and under water, is a silent witness of the era.

At the time, the life expectancy of a few hundred or even thousands of years, which was achieved by the fact that they did not eat meat and eat mostly plant-heat-treated foods.

People of high moral character and for his life reached the highest spiritual development, one manifestation of which was to reveal the mystical abilities. These mystical quality called today over ability, genetically inherent in every human being, but they are only available to people who lead a moral life. While most people communicate telepathically and could see the aura of other people as well as animals and plants. In addition, people can see the energy parasites and various disembodied entities. Aura (aura) — an energy glow that surrounds all living things. Photos of this emission can be obtained in high-frequency electromagnetic field. These photos were called Kirlian photography, and the phenomenon — Kirlian effect.

Kirlian effect

On Earth, there are also demonic technologically advanced civilizations that came to this planet for more than 20,000 years ago. Their representatives live in structures built on the ocean floor and in the cities located deep underground.

At the top of the hierarchy are dragon and humanoid reptiles. The two groups control "gray" aliens who do the dirty work for them. Most of the "gray" aliens, the leading destructive activity on Earth — is biorobots created by cloning.

Reptiles are demons in their genetic nature. When they first encounter with people in our own galaxy, the human body has been chosen by them as their main source of food. They are cannibals and treat people like animals, which are sent to slaughter. For many millions of years, they are waging a war against humanity, not only living on the Earth, but also on other planets in our galaxy.

After arriving on Earth, they unleashed the people and between people provoke a series of planetary and space wars (some of which are described in the Mahabharata and the Ramayana) in order to enslave humanity, and full control over the resources of the planet. In contrast to the ancient people who lived in harmony with nature, they destroyed all life it touches, and drained the resources of the planet, which they seized.

Many of these wars do not end in their favor. But, applying various sophisticated methods, they result in their desired impact. And this was the result of artificial planetary-scale disaster, which occurred about 13,000 years ago, which caused a huge tsunami (known as the Deluge), which destroyed most of the high-tech infrastructure of the planet. This has led to a rapid slide into the survivor population in the stone age. Although after that remained or were restored islands of ancient culture and high-tech civilization. One of these islands was the Egyptian civilization, which was created after the flood, and where the first pharaoh who founded it were white people. But, after a few thousand years old, about 5000 years ago the Kali Yuga, the time when people's minds are not already at a high level of development begins to "fill up" and is associated with the disengagement of our solar system from the center of the universe.

White People, representatives of the Slavic-Aryan Clans who have reached a high spiritual level and possessing space technology for a long time kept the demons and aggression continue to confront them and to this day. But alien demonic forces pulled all their armies with all their control of star systems, and multiple numerical superiority after countless planetary space battles in which they suffered huge losses, they still managed to destroy a large part of the resistance. Survivors custodians of the planet have gone into hiding in the underground of the city to continue to have an impact on key events. This gave them the opportunity for a long time to support the Slavic-Aryan people in the fight against alien invaders.

As a result of centuries of battles, despite huge losses, the joint efforts of the genera best whites managed to this day preserve the ancient Vedic knowledge, Slavic culture and gene pool of the Slavic-Aryan peoples.

At a time when high-resistance was broken, reptiles and run the program on the ground occupation of the planet. Fulfilling every point of his plan, they kept relatively universal cosmic law, which is the will of reasonable integrity of civilization and all sentient beings. In other words — it is the law of free will of a rational being, or the law of freedom of choice. So they are manipulating, sharing and pitting nations, all the work had to seize control of the planet hands of the people themselves.

To deprive us of the status of sentient beings Reptiles "teach" people to eat meat.

If a person does not respect the creation of the Creator, and take the life of other living creatures or finances of those who kill in his place, in order to fill his stomach with dead animals, then people lose the support of God and he can become food for man-eating reptiles. If a man does not value the lives of animals, creating a single, why demons should value his life.

Therefore, the transition to vegetarianism and then a raw food diet is a major step for every person on the path of spiritual and moral perfection.

In the first phase of occupation of the planet by genetic engineering were created hybrid creatures that appear to have been similar to humans, but had a reptilian alien genetics and demonic power essence. Bearing resemblance to the people they have been introduced into the Sumerian, and later in the Babylonian empire. Penetrating the ruling clique seized power, and organized countless wars and disasters, sharing and pitting together many nations. Impoverishing one state passes into another, performing the same scenario there.

To the people it was easy to manage in the countries where they were secretly seized power, they destroyed every way ancient knowledge of indigenous cultures and propagated ignorance.

To do this, in every nation they destroyed the most intelligent and powerful representatives of the priests, the wise men in charge of women (during the Inquisition), healers and medicine men, ie carriers of ancient knowledge and the Vedic Culture. In addition, the captured territories burned ancient libraries, and the population will force confiscated manuscripts.

Depriving people of the ancient source of wisdom, and instructed from childhood through the false values of the Judeo-Christian and other Babylonian religion, they themselves created, they have cultivated in this way for generations of people with slave mentality.

Eye Reptiles at the Vatican

In the second phase a few thousand years ago was the creation of a circuit around the planet's energy field emanating from the moon, which has blocked our superior knowledge and many genetic abilities. People have lost the ability to communicate telepathically, which led to the division and discord. But most importantly what it led to — is the loss of the ability of a person to see the aura surrounding living beings, including the energy body disembodied reptilian entities, enabling them to easily manage hybrid families, and also to arrange human sacrifice, during which they are pumping a lot of vitality.

In this way, many centuries later, these hybrid families led by extraterrestrial beings took over the entire planet. And today, to preserve it and to communicate their plans to the end of his left to make the final plunge …

Kali Yuga

Our universe is going through a time cycle consisting of four parts, which are called in Sanskrit south. They are very similar to the four seasons. And just as the seasons change the amount of solar energy and daylight hours, and in each sub changing people's minds, which is more, you are less able to perceive the spiritual life.

According to the quality of this perception is changing and life of man, and his mental health and the principles by which people live.

These periods and their effects are related to the degree of our galaxy and the solar system is approaching or moving away from the center of the universe, which is a source of spiritual strength for all living beings. For example, we just live in the latter part of the cycle, in the fourth period, which is called the Kali Yuga and it is translated as a time of hostility, the general chaos and violence. Spiritual perception of people at this time is minimal, that an adverse impact on the mental state of society. People behave in the most shameful manner. They do not understand the meaning of life, do not understand why they live, and they know not responsible for his actions.

In the age of Kali, as in other periods, the life expectancy depends on their way of thinking. If a person lives in nature and lead a healthy and moral life, not eating meat and heat treated products, it can live for hundreds of years, while remaining young and preserving the appearance and strength of the age of thirty. The human body is not designed to get old, because every few years, all human cells are replaced by new ones. Cause of aging is that the people who were in ignorance, destroying themselves and wear out your physical body.

Ingestion of thermally processed foods leads to the fact that permanently damage the DNA of each cell and replacing cells each subsequent copy is worse from the previous one. Therefore, all the diseases and the process of aging are the result of our ignorance and pay for our ignorance. But if a person goes to vegetarianism and then cyroedenie, his immune system is restored, start the regeneration of the human body and rejuvenated.

Human consciousness is also a direct impact on the aging process. The smaller the society, morals, the less love and compassion. Therefore, the fewer people live spiritual and righteous life, the more his old physical body.

The current period of Kali Yuga began more than 5,000 years ago, in 3102 BC, and has a duration of 432 000 years.

But even in the Kali Yuga may be small cycles Satya Yuga, the nearest of which is after 2012.

Every big and small South precedes a period called twilight or transition. It was in this period we live in, so the night before the dawn always seems darkest.

And most of the Kali Yuga — the system of darkness for 10,000 years, giving way to small Satya South, the system of the Light!

After 2012, on the surface of the Earth will be completely different vibration conditions that are detrimental to the representatives of the World Government.

Therefore, they are prepared to go to the underground city, but not before destroying 90% of the world for their alien masters. Massive loss of life will allow demonic beings gather a huge harvest of souls living in ignorance and unjust life.

Days and Nights of Svarog

There are also shorter periods, affecting the rise and decline of spiritual and moral qualities, which are known as the Days of Slavic Culture and Night of Svarog. This is due to the fact that our solar system, revolving around the spiral arms of the galaxy, is infinitely lowered, then raised to the sides of the disk of the galaxy and thus its poles.

Period of one circular turn of our solar system on the edge of the sleeves of the galaxy our ancestors called Svarog For days, which takes approximately 26,000 years.

Svarog day perceived by analogy with Earth days, that is, figuratively sharing a given period of time on Day Svarog Svarog night, morning and evening.

Our Milky Way galaxy

Our universe consists of many millions of galaxies, each of which has at its core a quasar — a source through which the Creator of the Universe (Ra-Ha-M) appears and illuminates the life-giving light all the star systems of this galaxy.

If we imagine the rotation of our solar system in the context of arms of the galaxy, it turns out that when it is rotated by the center of the galaxy, it is closer to the "Primal Living Light." This state of the solar system creates optimal conditions for the development of man, which is manifested in the increase of its spiritual and moral qualities.

These periods are called Day of Svarog. But when the solar system is in the area farthest away from the center of the galaxy, then it gets much less light, due to the fact that the entire mass of matter arm blocking his sources, with some holding and screening. While passing through similar spatial area in which there is a lack of "Primal Living Light" (spiritual power of the Creator), our ancestors called Night of Svarog. This period is characterized by the weakening of the spiritual and moral qualities, and also increased its low-lying properties.

According to the ancient Slavic traditions Night of Svarog in which we live, began in the year 988 AD and ends in 2012 in modern reckoning, ie our solar system out of the "dark zone" and is beginning to get more spiritual energy of the Creator. morning comes Svarog.

The most effective are Dark Forces in the stellar systems that are in the areas of space, far less penetrating spiritual light, that is, period called Night of Svarog. But with the release of this zone humanity gets more spiritual power and control over people process becomes much more complicated.

And it is not surprising that these periods of weakening spiritual qualities of people attracted the attention of the Dark Forces, which is an excellent opportunity to influence the individual members of society, and through them, to influence and to everything that happens on Earth. Only people who have passed through the initial stages of spiritual evolution are not susceptible to such a process.

Therefore, only returning to the foundations of the life of the birth, learning to understand the nature and becoming a part of it, the person will regain ability to evolve, ie, continues its path of spiritual development.

And thanks to the revival of the ancient Slavic traditions and create a family union, even today it is possible to not only produce, but also to preserve and properly raise a healthy and happy young.

The struggle for the soul

One of the main objectives of the demonic forces are the souls of men.

To achieve this, they sent their servants in the land of Rousseau and other people out there to enforce their religious systems.

The obvious question is: what is dragon-reptiles, such as the Jehovah of hosts, and it is necessary that they believe the people of the Earth? This is to enslave the souls of men who believed in them.

Are food for the soul of demonic entities, as only the soul can give them energy substance "gavah" the energy of suffering, which gives them strength.

All forms of life have their own sources of vital energy. And if the light souls are the main source of life energy of love, joy and happiness, then reptilian demonic beings are the source of food energy of fear, pain and suffering, allocated suffering or dying creatures.

So kill as many souls, to lead people in ignorance and error, leading to an immoral life, is their main concern.

To fulfill the goals they used devious methods. Deceit, cunning and strength in many countries realized they take over. And in order to deprive the people of their will, they planted their same religion.

To do this, in the occupied territories they destroyed ancient knowledge and indigenous culture, which led to the loss of tribal traditions that protect people from degeneration. Destruction of cultural heritage in the minds of the people gave them the opportunity to freely adopt their religious system. Taking an alien religion based on the ideology of slavery, people, out of ignorance, not knowing their roots, they denied themselves from their gods, thus losing their protection.

But not only the souls of the people were the cause of alien invasions. To capture the wealth of mineral resources and land, not theirs, were sent all their aspirations.

Using the time called Night of Svarog, when the spiritual qualities of people weakened, they created a parasitic society, where life is arranged on artificial laws, living in which people began to violate the laws are the Creator.

The appearance of such a society has led to the enslavement of Light Shower people living in it. For this purpose, it was also a huge number of social and religious systems of the various sects and various exercises.

Even today, every time a person comes not in good conscience, pushed the urban environment, he thereby gives himself more and more in the power of demonic forces.

Dark Forces specially created social system based on the development of cold reason and suppressing the spiritual qualities, and replaced the bright knowledge of our ancestors for their hostility religious doctrine — Judeo-Christianity.

For centuries in the name of Christ, they are lured by the soul in hell as a free substitute for courageous man on the opposite, based on the ideology of submission and slavery. In addition, the control center of the religious system, which is the Holy See, through the Inquisition and the Crusades were destroyed by the best representatives of the human race, was destroyed by the institution of family, degraded image of a woman and a mother figure.

The centuries of eradication of ancient knowledge, which includes Vedic heritage of our ancestors, led to the fact that, not knowing the simple truth, people are still easily run into ignorance and lead immoral lives.

But according to the gains wisdom is not one who is a supporter of a religious system, and the one who has a conscience and who feels his unity with Rod Heaven, those who support those who defend, and who are always ready to help .

After Bright Gods never renounce their family members and always willing to help those who want to return to their ancestral roots.

And then no demonic influence will be unable to harm the one to whom protector Rod Heaven.

Therefore, before each person who returns to his roots and is going to survive in 2012, is today an important task — to restore our Slavic culture and embody the Light of the Soul Rod Heaven in our children.

To do this, move to live in the village or in their settlement to in harmony with nature to start a new full life. Because only by living in nature, satiate its energy and becoming its integral part, it is possible to equip the family fortune, and now in a strong family union to have a healthy and inspired children.

So hard, so hard, making supplies of food, seeds, tools and everything you need to go to the country life that, to prepare the conditions for living in nature and promptly left town to save the lives of his family, close relatives, and most importantly, secure the future our children.


During the approach of Nibiru and the neutron star to their powerful gravitational effect will the removal of artificial energy field set reptiles that blocked our higher spiritual knowledge and the possibility of human DNA. After that, many people gradually begin to see the aura (aura) of all living beings. This ability also allows you to see energy parasites and demonic beings that are crowded all the artificial urban environment of the people. These energy parasites draining the life energy from the people who bullied her body of alcohol, tobacco, meat, or lead an immoral life. Unlocking the DNA of the person allows people to discover the moral a mystical abilities. But all this will be available only to those who can survive man-made disasters, chaos, starvation and looting between 2012-2016, the

Therefore the duty of every sane person is time to prepare for the upcoming events and timely take his family out of the city in a safe place, situated in the nature away from the cities, roads and railways.

Until September 2012 to move out of the city for permanent residence, because the negative impact of Nibiru and the neutron star to Earth could begin in late 2012. By this time also predict the strongest solar flares, which can disable all power planet.

So do not put off the journey to the land that will become a family estate, at the last moment, and it is necessary to bring back the stock in advance what is needed for a full independent living and growing their food. When the city begins the chaos after a power outage, and you will be in the nature far away from the big cities, you will be able to safely survive the disaster on their own land, where nature can hold and recover your strength. If you prepare for the upcoming events, joining with like, what you fear.

It is these people who will be able to return to life through the birth of practice and safely move out of the city to live on their land, moving to full self-sufficiency, and to be restored Slavic Vedic culture after the death of cities and technocratic civilization.

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