The leaders of the power unit had themselves to submit his resignation

How adequate is the sound version of the attack, which were announced Chairman of the KGB of Belarus? How plausible submitted version? Can Alexander Lukashenko to use this situation for radical personnel changes in the leadership of the uniformed services? These questions are answered by the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina.

Tsigankov: How are the versions that have been presented to the public?

Kalinkina: To be honest, the last statement of the Chairman of the KGB of the three versions, I'm just confused. After all, in my opinion, this is simply not a serious version. If we talk about the version number one thing that someone tried to blow up the stability in Belarus this act of terrorism, it seems to me it is obvious to anyone who has heard about what happened. So nothing new chairman of the KGB did not announced, but yesterday was ordered to work concretely.

The second version — supposedly did someone is offended. With hints of anarchists and with hints of those who were detained following the events of December 19. This version is not serious at all, because some of the these people sitting in jail, others are under constant surveillance.

Or special services at a loss on what happened, or they just do not want us to talk about the version, are working on.

The third version of the unhealthy person is also, in my opinion, is not talking about professionalism.

Therefore, we can only guess at, or special services at a loss on what happened, or they just do not want us to talk about the version, are working on.

Tsigankov: It seems that now Alexander Lukashenko has a wide range of possibilities. He can arrange a purge in power structures, it may, depending on the situation, "assign" the perpetrators of these explosions ..

Kalinkina: Honestly, for whoever held accountable — by foreign forces in the internal to the sick people — admitted the attack security forces. And in my opinion, the power unit leaders themselves had to submit his resignation. After all, in the worst impossible dreamcould imagine what could happen in Minsk on such events. After all, no reason for the attacks in Belarus is not — we do not have terrorist organizations, ethnic and religious conflicts.

So here is completely at fault siloviki. They did not the last time in that business. Here's the political police, which only deals with the authorities, including and led to what happened. After all, it was necessary to deal with these criminals.


Minsk blast

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