The link between disasters MiG-31 and Yak-42

The MiG-31 crashed on September 6 near Perm in 6.41. MSK. The Yak-42 crashed near Yaroslavl on September 7 at 16.05. MSK. The fall of both aircraft were very similar — took off, tilted to the left wing, have fallen. It is unknown what conclusions come specialists who investigate these catastrophes, but from the perspective of an ordinary observer, in both cases were sudden and very severe problems with the handling of aircraft.

Where she could take this lack of control? After all, both aircraft were flying in front of quite serviceable. I think no need to convince anyone that in many modern aircraft control function takes on board electronics. If she is to blame for these disasters, why she refused?
That is happening on the Sun, ordinary readers do not know. At best, all the information is to ensure that on Friday scheduled a strong magnetic storm. For those to whom this is not enough, I recommend at least occasionally visit the site here real-time schedule published flare activity of the Sun. Solar flares — a powerful X-ray flux. It is not necessarily directed toward Earth, but if directed, the problems usually occur — are breaking down satellites, accidents occur in power, etc. The atmosphere protects the Earth from the good X-rays, but as shown by the many events that are not perfect.

Let's see what happens in the sun before they flew MiG -31. Here is a picture of the sun flare activity for September 6, Very clearly visible zigzag on the graph, the corresponding flash, the maximum of which was approximately 6.00. MSK. Before the fall of the MiG-31 were 40 minutes.

Here is a picture of the sun flare activity for September 7 There are two flashes — one is very powerful, and the other barely discernible. But still very well visible hump with a peak at about 15.20. MSK. Before the fall of the Yak-42 had also about 40 minutes.

That's essentially it. You be the judge whether the information is relevant.

Andrei Vorobyov


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