The man in the genetic laboratory aliens

November 2, 2011 12:14

The man in the genetic laboratory aliens

Facts of sexual assault against aliens so many people that cast doubt on their validity are virtually eliminated. Objectives newcomers, however, remains unclear, as, indeed, and everything to do with UFOs. Most ufologists believe that aliens placed on the earthen genetic experiments. Already accumulated a lot of evidence that seem to confirm this theory.

Recently became aware of another case on the subject, which occurred in April 2008 in the vicinity of Pichak (Peru) with 21-year-old auto mechanic Luis Eskalerasom.

On board the UFO come to life any fantasy

Louis arrived late at night to his mother, who lived with his family in a house on the edge of the forest in a rather dull local somewhere. Before we go into the house, he went to look at the sheep pen. The way lay through a small grove of trees and wasteland. As he later told his attention strange pink glow that emanated from the trees. Surprised and wanting to find out that there may be light, he turned back and saw who was standing on the racks oval apparatus twelve feet in length, with shiny pink ball on the roof. Louis did not feel fear, so I decided to watch an unusual object.

Before he had time to take a comfortable position behind the tree on the side of the unit as the door opened and out came two high, two and a half meters tall, black creatures in bluish overalls. Face, as he told Louis, were almost human, only her eyes were big and red flashing. Then he finally got scared, pulled back and felt that behind someone touched his back. He turned around and was stunned in front of him was another "red-eyed" subject. How he managed so quietly sneak up on him, Louis did not.

Boys captured apathy. He dutifully trudged over to the alien machine, as if it was needed. What awaited him on board, has surpassed all his expectations. In the empty cabin aliens left him with some formless living being only vaguely resembled a man. The most striking thing is that to the extent that, as Louis looked at him, being changed. Louis thought that the legs being similar to the female, and in less than a minute, as it were indeed women's feet. Fantasy boys played. Following it, the creature was rapidly attractive dusky beauty. That's only happened with her head hitch. First, a woman as two drops of water like his wife, but because Louis is much more like the heroine of the television series, which he looked at the time, the person strange creature soon took on the features of the very character.

Louis, in his words, he did not notice that it has entered into a sexual relationship. How long it lasted, and then to become of beauty — he did not remember. Black giant took him out of the machine, a good Spanish wished good night and said he would come back for him. Luis dashed to the house, constantly looking back. The unit soared above the trees, a second was in the air and disappeared.

Unexpected consequences of the "extraterrestrial" sex

That night Eskaleras told about an event, remaining silent about the fact that he had been on board the vehicle and engaged in sex there. From his words it appeared that he had just watched the UFO through the trees and carried away before I forgot about the time. Morning at the landing site had traces of racks and oval burnt grass.

The family council, fearing ridicule from others, have decided not to disclose this case. But he had an unexpected continuation. Aliens, as promised, returned.

The second meeting with Luis Eskalerasa occurred in August of the same year, in the evening, on a deserted highway in the vicinity of Pichak. His car suddenly stalled motor. When he came out of it to find out the fault to him by the thickets close two giant black overalls. Flee, as in the first meeting, he was not thinking. They took him to the ship. At this time, no sex was not, but there was something even more amazing. Louis, appear to show the effects of his first visit to the UFO.

Likely, he was taken to some other ship, much larger, although most Louis had the feeling that he was on another planet. In the large room, lit by a silvery light, he saw the biomass, similar to a honeycomb with transparent front wall. It was, as he himself has determined a single living organism, is a large shapeless heap, which account for nearly half of the room. Pile "breathe", it observed some processes, some liquid flowed, but the most interesting — the "comb" sat hunched, like creatures of human embryos. There were hundreds. In the eyes of the astonished newcomer Eskalerasa unceremoniously pulled from the nearest cell is one such creature, and demonstrated his young man.

The face of the "nucleus", it seemed Louis, resembled his own: it is also attended by a large wart on the right side of the nose and ears were slightly protruded.
The stranger said that the "embryo" will die, but he was not sorry, for now, using the take from Eskalerasa genetic material, will create millions of new people who occupied several planets in the constellation Scorpius. On other issues, he did not answer, saying only that Eskaleras still see his "children," but that will not happen soon.

Caution: the brothers on reason!

During this strange excursion Louis felt calm, bordered by tiredness, and only when he found himself in his car, as if he woke up. He was overcome by fear. Besides, in the sky above him drew a glowing oval arc machine, as if thereby proving that all of this he was not dreaming. This UFO seen and several other motorists who were on the highway. Engine of his car to work, and Eskaleras rushed into the city, where he spoke about his adventures psychoanalyst Dr. Acosta. Subsequent surveys Eskalerasa psychotherapists and police investigations, which included inspection of the UFO landing, lead to the conclusion that the history of his truthfulness.

In connection with this and many other similar incidents too late to raise the question: is the problem of sexual contact with humans by aliens, or it is not. The question should be put like this: if we have time to fix this problem? It is possible that the sinister alien genetic experiments have gone so far that it is difficult to do anything. However, as mentioned in the beginning, everything related to UFOs, covered in deep gloom, and we only remains that wander into it blindly.

Author: I.Voloznev
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Unbelievable »№ 19

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