The obvious — an incredible




DISH over the village

Recently, the village Dalnogorsk that in the Primorsky Territory, was chosen by the aliens. According to eyewitnesses, the last month of the glowing orbs circling in the sky almost every night. The maneuvers of fellow human beings is closely watched by the locals. One of them, biologist Valery Brier, argues that the alien ships are even sat down. Valery gathered on the spot intended landing rubble.

Sergey Kuzmich

Disappears, life

American scientists from the University of Berkeley proved that life on Earth is disappearing with surprising regularity — every 62 million years. With each successive period of flourishing life, which lasts for several million years, there are new species (eg, human). But for those who have long died out, through a long period of time may appear again.


"Native newspaper" № 10 (96), 18 March 2005, the band 34

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