The official mourning period — only in Minsk. Why?

Mourning for the victims of the terrorist attack on April 11 announced in Minsk, but not in the whole of Belarus. Previously, after accidents and mass casualties authorities also usually not announced obschebelorussky day of mourning. Mourning national scale in Belarus was declared only once — after the hustle in the transition metro station "Nyamiha" in May 1999, which killed 52 people. More Lukashenko his constitutional right not to be used.

April 13 at the cemetery in Kolodishchi near Minsk buried two victims of the attacks in the Moscow Metro — a man and a woman living in a civil union. Despite the fact that for today and tomorrow to bury the dead will also Baranavichi and old roads, mourning declared for the capital.

Meanwhile, witnesses attack convinced that divide the country into small parts — there must sympathize, but somewhere not necessarily — the logic is quite primitive. Says a witness of the explosion Severin Kwiatkowski:

"Of course, I am surprised that the authorities have restricted ourselves to Minsk. To my mind, it is clear that Minsk — it's not just the city, and the capital, where every day there are people from all over the country. So it's all very strange. We are not such a great power — less than 10 million people have already left — to divide it into some parts on some autonomous city. Living in Minsk people from other cities, relatives all across the area. Therefore, I, frankly, very surprised that mourning declared in one Minsk, and not all over the country. "

Incidents with significant numbers of deaths registered in Belarus before. For example, in 2003 Kozlovschinsky on fire in a boarding house in the Grodno region killed 30 people. The tragedy though it has received considerable attention, but the mourning was declared.

A few years ago Belarus accompanied with the victims of two major crashes. In March 2005, in Tanzania, crashed cargo plane Il-76, which was carrying seven Belarusian pilots and bortynzhynerav. All were killed. Two years later, in March of 2007, a local Somali militants shot down the same plane with 11 Belarusian pilots and technicians. Also, not one survived. At Minsk Eastern Cemetery they are buried side by side. But at the state level, a day of sorrow were not announced.

In April last year, all the neighbors of Belarus declared mourning over the loss of a plane crash near Smolensk, the Polish President Lech Kaczynski and other high-ranking officials of the Polish state. Expect a similar step and from Minsk. But to no avail.

In October 2010 there was a major technological accident on the union "Pinsk Wood". From burns and serious injuries died 14 employees. Mourning announced a regional scale — the Brest region. It is significant that Alexander Lukashenko in this time go around the region with the inspection, but not looked at Pinsk.

Meanwhile, as the psychologist Diana Komlach, It is not important what this sense, the state makes public gestures. The main thing that was solidarity between people. By the way, Mrs. Diana herself, too, was in the middle of April 11. She considers herself lucky because she got in the explosion only a few scratches. Now, about the first time she has psychological help myself:

"I think there is no difference — declare mourning, not to declare … Here read that" Pesnyary "canceled their concerts. Or, conversely, it was necessary to give a concert in memory of exactly what happened. On those people, who died and those who survived. That is not as important as it is officially announced, it is important how people are going through. And I'm sure that even though mourning is declared only in Minsk, the whole country mourns. There is no more important than form, more importantly, all of this trouble know.

My friends from Austria, from Germany contacted me and just today sad about those who died. Next to my family and friends that are not in Minsk … Yesterday I came to the Square, sat there a little bit, I see: there are people, one or two flowers are. And it was more organic than came a company that is uniquely brought 30 pieces of nail; their razmyarkovvali they were photographed. It was too theatrical. Much more important is what happens in the human heart. "

During our stay in power, Alexander Lukashenko declared national mourning only once. 31 May and 1 June 1999 the whole country was accompanied with the victims of a stampede in the underpass subway station "Nyamiha."

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