The opposition will boycott any elections in the presence of the country's political prisoners

It is said in a statement, "On conditions for the participation of the Belarusian democratic forces in the election campaigns." She adopted on 11 April, the National Coordinating Council of the democratic opposition in Belarus.

Representatives of the democratic forces in Belarus have concluded that the presidential election 2010 were numerous irregularities and fraud, and the government, "formed as a result of so-called election "has no legitimacy.

"All-pervasive repression that began Dec. 19, are a threat to society and to the very existence of Belarus as an independent state. Present regime has put himself in the economic and geopolitical deadlock, made hostages of their irresponsible policy of the whole society and the country," — the document says.

Coordinating Council of Democratic Forces requires that people Belarus was returned to the right to form their government through free, democratic and fair elections.

"This will be possible only in the case of the release of all political prisoners, stop the persecution and repression, to ensure the constitutional rights of citizens to freedom of speech, assembly and association, significant changes in the law and practice of elections," — said in a statement.

As long as these conditions are not met, the democratic opposition in Belarus reserves the right to conduct a campaign of boycott any election campaigns.

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