The Party of Regions has stolen votes?

A few representatives of the Radical Party, "Freedom", if you take the real results of the election, the Party of Regions was able to gain only twenty percent of the vote, the remaining ten percent of the representatives of the party simply stolen, using his connections and, of course, money.

This information is broadcast live on the popular news channel "Channel Five" also confirmed Igor Miroshnichenko, who is the new member of Parliament from the Radical Party "Freedom." He said that ten percent of which have appeared in the Regions — a simple dorisovki that the party could have a majority in parliament. He also tried to give a simple proof. So, if you look at the results of exit polls, and then compare them with the actual election results, it is evident that the party "Freedom" and here and there was able to gain about 13 percent of the vote. However, the equality between the results, which were exit polls and the actual results of the election of the Party of Regions not.

Miroshnichenko also added that he does not agree with the predictions of a huge number of political scientists that Viktor Yanukovych will be able to obtain the post of president for a second term. Yanukovych in 2015, may not get into the second round, because in the future he will not be able to compete with the opposition party, which will be every year get more and more voices of the people. Recall that the party of "freedom" in the parliament will represent 37 deputies out of 450. There is talk that the party "Svoboda" party "Blow" and the All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland" will create a coalition, which should help counter the Party of Regions.

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