The penalty for the words Luke flour will have to pay the entire village

Leninsky district court of Grodno sentenced meduniversitetu student Catherine Gerasimchik a fine of 525,000 rubles for the fact that she allegedly made the inscription "Luke flour" on pastamentse statue of Lenin. Catherine Gerasimchik their guilt has not recognized.

Catherine Gerasimchik came to sentencing with warm clothes, very worried, thinking that she could be put on the day.

Judge Natalia Kozel read out the decision. She acknowledged Catherine Gerasimchik guilty of disorderly conduct on the basis of evidence of police officers.

After, as Catherine emerged from the court, she sighed with relief:

"After the trial, I felt as if a heavy boulder fell from the heart. I was preparing for the worst, expecting that I would be given day, I do things with a warm taken. "

Roman Yurhel

Human rights activist Roman Yurhel, who observed the process from the beginning, the verdict surprised and considers it politically motivated:

"The police, witnesses who were detained Catherine Gerasimchik and Olga Bogdanovich, the court did not state what the girls did the inscription, because the hand should not have taken. They had a suspicion that this girl did. And today we saw that the judge Goat put these suspicions to the foundation of the sentence. "

This is evidenced byOlga executive committee, that the night was detained along with Catherine Gerasimchik. Bahdankevich testified in court that they did not sign, but only saw that someone had written to them.

Olga executive committee

Bahdankevich"I think the verdict unfair, as it was obvious that guilt was not proven, but for some reason the judge considered that proved guilty."

I asked Catherine Gerasimchik how it's going to pay the fine? For his scholarship?

Gerasimchik: "Honestly, for me, it's an incredible amount of money, and I hope only on the support of their parents, who always support me and supported now in detention. I am sure that they will help, relatives, even neighbors who also worry about me the whole village. "

Catherine Gerasimchik and Olga executive committee arrested on the night of 11 to 12 February near the monument to Lenin on pastamentse which has suffered the words "Luke flour." In Gerasimchik on hand were the remnants of paint from the spray, but she told police that the balloon was lying next to the statue, and it parostu lifted him off the ground.



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