The policemen who beat Brevs and Gapon, to continue to serve

The Ministry of Interior has not found grounds for dismissal of police officers who claimed to have caused damage to the December 19 protesters in Minsk Ivan Gapon and Artem Brevs.

On the dismissal of police officers insisted the chairman of the regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Solovyov. According to the activist, members of the special forces are unfit to perform their assigned functions. Special appeal to the Minister of Internal Solovyov Minister of Belarus Anatoly Kuleshov on March 3.

The response of the special militia regiment, which redirected frontovtsa appeal, said that the reasons for the dismissal of police officers there. Certification of employees Interior planned and carried out the reasons for the additional certification either.

"I understand the answer to my request that either the police lied in court under oath that they were beaten by these guys, or is it the norm for our police that they were beaten ordinary young people. In the first case, you need to attract special forces accountable for false testimony, In the second case, you must completely disband the militia headed by Minister Interior, such as the police or why can not ", — says Dmitry Solovyov answer.

March 10 Court of Moscow district of Minsk Russian citizen sentenced Ivan Gaponava and Artem Brevsa penalties for 10.5 million rubles each. They testified against 15 riot.

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