The price paid for the pre-election populism

The Belarusian government has directed the Ministry of Finance of Russia program to stabilize the macroeconomic situation, the need to obtain a loan from Russia.

Support for Russia, according to Belarusian government should compensate the foreign exchange deficit in the country. However, the money from Russia yet. Meanwhile business representatives have expressed concern that the monetary and financial difficulties could develop into a systemic economic crisis.

At the Interbank currency exchange can not buy any car dealers or importers of computers and other sophisticated equipment. Access to the "cheap" currency received only suppliers of foreign drugs. Many foreign companies new contracts under threat. The uncertainty of the national currency makes and sellers of apartments and avtasaleny freeze activity — no one wants to lose if the ruble depreciate.

Small business gets out somehow. Says the owner of several shops Catherine Siskin:

We guards near exchangers are our vendors are waiting for someone rents currency …

"We now have some free money, and we are guards near exchangers are our vendors are waiting for someone rents currency, they immediately bought … Oh, and I also have a very good option — that is what I I drive Belarusian goods to Moscow, I sell them for Russian rubles, and I feel better. "

Catherine says that the way to do business is very difficult, and how it manages to survive, it can not say. She is also afraid of devaluation. It will be a lot of stress, she says:

"I think this is all a shock. Still waiting to see how it will end."

Businessman Viktor Margelov sells food at retail. He says, despite the fact that his stores sell some Belarusian goods, currency crisis affected his business:

"The impact is related to the fact that a number of importers of low-cost goods have suspended their work and do not deliver until production. Several importers are constantly increasing the price, a change in an other contractual obligations: if the goods before they were given with great delay, but now are trying to minimize the time of payment of the goods" .

Viktor Margelov said that the Belarusian government business expressed their comprehensive proposals, which essentially boils down to the well-known formula to all: "We must live within our means":

There are many hazards that can lead to a severe test of the economy …

"There are many dangers that can lead to a severe test of the economy. Today, many goods, raw materials, components do not come into the country. It is possible that tomorrow there will not be enough for some plant, it will cause it to stop and concerns of all chain ".

A devaluation would not solve the problem, says Mr. Margelov: you have to deal with the root cause of nezbalyansavanastsi the Belarusian economy.

Meanwhile Belarusian government has transferred to the Ministry of Finance of Russian draft program of macroeconomic stabilization. This program performs a condition to get the Russian loan of $ 1 billion and another $ 2 billion loan from EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund. Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Rumas previously noted that this program provides for measures to enhance the rigidity of monetary, fiscal policies, structural reforms, and a reduction in funding of state programs in 2011.

Independent economist Sergei Chaly Moscow considers the requirements of a "smokescreen." In a short time, in his opinion, to prepare and implement a program can not be serious:

Sergei Chaly

"Obviously, the conditions are, but they do not speak publicly. Rather, there are very specific conditions. Due to the fact that we have a very bad situation, we have painted themselves into a corner, and Russia can claim almost anything."

According to Sergei Chaly, the financial crisis, a large negative balance of foreign trade — a reflection of the real economic crisis:

"It may be that due to the fact that virtually paralyzed the financial system already, this can only accelerate the catastrophic processes in the economy as a whole."

According to Sergei Chaly, the error of the Belarusian government is that before the last election, he refused to programs agreed with the IMF, halting economic reforms and getting rid of credit support fund. Now you have to pay $ 500 and the average wage, and for economic growth in the 11-13 per cent, and for other manifestations of electoral populism.

People waiting at the currency exchange office in the hypermarket "Korona"

The turn of the currency at the railway station

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