The queues are. Housing — no

A number of construction companies stopped signing new contracts for shared construction. This happened immediately after Alexander Lukashenko, speaking in Kobrin in the Brest region, said: "The housing we are going to build a smaller".

The reason — the acute foreign exchange crisis, the uncertainty of the Belarusian ruble. The problem of exploring regional correspondents of "Freedom." At the microphone — Vyacheslav Kulik.

Vitebsk Region

Apartments in Vitebsk massively buying up Russian residents

Recent statements by Alexander Lukashenko that the volume of housing construction should be reduced, forced many residents worry Vitebsk region.

A resident of the regional center of Mr. Vladimir waiting for delivery of his house in the neighborhood "Bilevo-2." He hopes that Alexander Lukashenko announced the reduction of construction will only apply to Minsk:

"It is only concerned Minsk. He said that Minsk should not be more than one million seven hundred thousand inhabitants, otherwise it will be "a mess of iron and concrete," unfit for habitation … And he said nothing about Vitebsk. We have, I think, the building will rise. "Bilevo" Do not want there to the airport razbudavats. The report, by how much we have built and that he did not have enough capacity to fulfill the assigned tasks Kosinets. "

Construction of new homes in Vitebsk is sometimes three shifts, but not enough workers and building materials. According to official sources, the pace of housing construction in the Vitebsk region — not the most successful in the country: an apartment with the assistance of soft loan for a year can get those who stood in line with 2007.

But the instability of the foreign exchange market is the residents of Vitebsk anxiety if they can get a bank loan for the construction. In late March, some banks even stopped accepting applications for loans for housing. An acquaintance of my companion has acquired a problem with that:

Banks require a 100% money-back guarantee loans

"He wanted to take out a loan, but found a bunch of reasons for the refusal. He was there through a friend and then tried to negotiate … With this, and used to be a problem. Because the bank has to be sure that this man will give all the money, and even with interest … "

He wanted to take out a loan, but found a bunch of reasons for the refusal.

New apartments, which are difficult to accrue to residents of Vitebsk, people are buying up large quantities of the Russian Federation. This is a characteristic phenomenon On the local housing market. In the newly built part of the house owners — visitors from near Smolensk or Moscow, said a resident of the neighborhood Bilevo Vadim Kuzmin:

"Belarusians are much too expensive — loans and so on. But many Russians! For them, 40 or 50 thousand dollars — it's not the money. They make an excellent renovation, and it turns out that the apartment — it's like the passbook 40 thousand dollars given away, and you have an apartment. And there, how bad will live in Moscow — here they are worse here — back to Moscow. "

Monthly 600 residents of Vitebsk turn to queue for housing.

While the apartments are buying up foreign eastern neighbors, waiting lists are growing in Vitebsk. For example, in 2005, registered with the city council were about 600 people, and now almost as many calls per month. But in the current unstable economic situation, prospects build their own homes they increasingly blurred.


For the construction of the "presidential" houses do not pay of "Alexandria"

Due to currency fluctuations, many construction work in the regions came under the threat of termination. It is difficult now to calculate the cost of production, it is necessary to contain and decision-making.

Entrepreneur of the city slides in Mogilev Andrew Bozhko decided on Thursday to suspend the strike and picketing roll, which he spent near the administrative building of mobile mechanized column number 1 (PMK-1). This is the company for six months, as the businessman does not Calculations with his private company "IBA + Cleopatra."

On the eve of a request to stop the action, says Bozhko, he was approached officials executive committee. They learned about the protest entrepreneur calls from reporters.

Andrew Bozhko

"We arrived and the staff of the Department of Economics of construction executive committee. PMK chief summoned. They sat down at the negotiating table. I signed all pratsentovki in the presence of officials. As long as there is no money from the PMK. They promised to persuade my employee not to file an action against me for failure to pay his salary. He would wait until the PMC will not give me the money. I promised to pay the money before the end of the week. I believe that at the moment I made my share of success. Otherwise, the employee would have gone to court, and I would have ended up in even more debt, "- says Andrey Bozhko.

According to the businessman, the amount owed to him PLA is about 40 million rubles. Over the past three months he has been listed only 50,000 rubles.

"The customer PMK -" Alexandria ", which Shklovsky area. I was told that it owes more than a billion PMK. Today it became clear that the PLA did not add 300 million. It turns out that say one thing and now another. PMK chief before officials justified by the fact that he had no money and they know it. The money will be with him, when they start to finance collective farms. At the end of the meeting I was told that I had insulted region in the whole country. "

Andrew Bozhko said that now his company is on the verge of bankruptcy. He thinks to close it, because employees have left.

"If there was funding for cooperatives, that is, when people built their money — then no problems. But for some reason went to Alexandria hitch. Why is unknown. I have a debt to all payments. If I continue to work, the debt will continue to grow. I was surprised that today everything is so simple was signed. "

Private company "IBA + Cleopatra," according to Andrew Bozhko, fulfilled the conditions for subcontracting with MVP in the joint-stock company "Alexandria" — did the interior design houses. Its share of entrepreneur has taken on April 6 at 17 hours. In his hands he held a sign: "PMK-1, give earnings. I'm hungry. "


In the capital, refuse to participate "dolevikov" in construction

In March 2009, in Minsk, sold almost 800 apartments, and in 2011 for the same period concluded only 550 such transactions. And today in the investment management "Minskstroj" suspended contracts for the shared construction. It is reported even a phone answering machine company.

"Hi! You've reached the State Production Association "Minskstroj." As of April 7 proposals to contract no. "

"Minskstroj" today brings together nearly two dozen state-owned construction companies. And the biggest. This — Mapid, Stroytrest number 1, 4, 7, 35, and Minsk house-building, and others. All they build housing just to the orders of the "Minskstroj."

Now to close the financial gap that exists between the Belarusian currency and money, Belarus needs 2-3 billion dollars. But this money can get from Belarus Russia or the IMF under the guarantee of budget c
uts. This, in particular, and preferential housing loans under 1-2 per cent per annum. In general, in other countries, such things do not exist, because they are contrary to the market. The problem arises or distribute subsidized loans, to reduce the cost of housing. "

Leonid Zaika

According to the Economist Leonid Zaika, Now in Minsk at the average market share of construction cost per square meter ranges from $ 1,300 to $ 1,500.

Stutterer"In this situation there are two options. First — we should stop concessional lending. And the second — the Belarusians themselves able to purchase housing, if it is going to cost in accordance with international standards — this means that the price per square meter meets monthly earnings. And what happens now? Salary — 450-500 dollars, and sell apartments in Minsk at the rate of 1150-1300 dollars per square meter. Robbery is almost working. And this is a robbery favorable range. This is quite similar to a robbery in 1991, when the population has lost bank deposits. And now people are tied to credit, for example, at 17% per annum and for 20 or 40 years … "


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