The right kind — Dvoedushnik (one who lives for themselves and for the guy …)

There is in Slavic mythology is a little-known concept as dvoedushnik — a man in whom no one soul, and more, and he had to live for two.
Slavs dvoedushnik or dvoedushnitsa — is being capable to combine the two natures — human and demonic. And it is important to understand that this is not a time share a room, get rid of that is possible with special prayers and the sacrament, and the organic tangle when the "disconnect" man without a serious risk to his life impossible.

Most often, this happens when the mother before birth of the child has lost or made late abortion. Sometimes even an adult can take a soul prematurely deceased friend or brother. What if this happens?

First, a person is bipolar, live simultaneously in two worlds: in this world and the next. Compare this with the phone line, which includes arbitrary and often not controlled. A person can be a medium, a poet, a scholar, an alcoholic and anyone, but more importantly, that his poems, ideas, impulses or revelations appear as if from nowhere. They can not be explained by his real knowledge, capabilities, or the influence of his environment. For example, many writers say they write "dictated" that they did not invent themselves, and to them, "descends" prepared text, as if carved in stone, which remains the only true record.

Secondly, people do not always understand the shift points, and sometimes can not remember a time when it is ruled by another soul, denied that it was he said or made this or that action. It is clear — to integrate two very different tasks, values, age, period — can be very difficult.

Third, in order to live two lives instead of one — you have to spend twice as much energy and people, "burns", spends itself, reducing the time of his life, or vice versa — has unimaginable to the average person the power, the will and abilities.

No wonder in the villages to dvoedushnikam counted among people who can control the weather: showers, thunderstorms, and the fertility and productivity of the next year. It was believed that the strength and unusual properties that have such people because you have a second soul, allowing them to take hail storm on the fields of their village and return to the bad weather arbitrarily their chosen direction.

Here are three examples that I have ever encountered.

The first case

At 19 years old unmarried girl has gone through on late term abortion, in fact premature birth. The young man, Muslim, left her in the family way, despite the fact that between them was the most tender and passionate love. Her family, relatives, and, of course, she experienced severe stress and tried to forget about it all. Later she married and had a son safely. When he was about five years started to happen strange things. Kid chased fears. He was afraid of the dark, night-time days, flatly refused to go to sleep, and when it did fall asleep, then started to cry, run away somewhere in a dream, as if it had pursued something awful. His grandmother took him to a "grandmother" who "poured fright" to wax and roll the egg — to no avail. The boy was baptized and began to drive to church. There, he shocked the congregation that started to shout and make derogatory action in relation to the icons. Over time, the family seems to handle the situation, the child grew, and fears are gone. Before us is a typical case — a child with two showers, one of these souls — not Christian. Who knows at what time and in what form this "breaks"?

The second case

A young girl of 18 years old, student, completely normal orientation, was friends with classmate from another city. One day she fell ill and in the hospital to see her mother arrived. Girlfriend's mother was in the house, was put to sleep in a double bed with a girl, apparently the other bed was not. After that, between them started a real love story. Moreover, she has been active in this, man's role and influence that was impossible. Later it turned out that the girl's mother for four years before the birth of a newborn boy died. If the girl was 18,
then her dead brother — 22, it's time to get sexual experience.

The third case

Man made a strong career in science, achieved all possible scientific titles and positions, having made so many discoveries that would be enough for a dozen lives.

His father is 25 years old was the victim of Stalinist repression and persecution of Lysenko's genetics. His academic career was interrupted, barely begun, although he managed to make the discovery of the drug, which is still sold in pharmacies. He was expelled and banned from science. The older brother, a young scientist-biochemist died in a tragic accident on the twenties.

This man — a supernova explosion, he lives three lives instead of one. Being with him, keeping the rhythm of life and his energy is almost impossible, or rather a few can. The man lives at the limit of human capabilities, sleeps maximum of 5 hours a day, but for him it is the norm.

So dvoedushniki — a phenomenon really amazing and strange.

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