The script of Russian Reich

Scenario "Russian Reich"

One of the scenarios which leads to the death of the Russian Federation and most of its people — a plan for transformation of the Russian Federation in a kind of "Russian Reich ". What are the signs realization of this scenario can be seen in the current time?

In 1-x, there is a "inferiority complex" of the Russian people and involving them in perpetuity other indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation made after the collapse of the Red Empire. In practice, we were defeated in World War III, as the Russian Empire and the German Empire in the First World War. Only in the Russian Federation then immediately appeared and began his creative work "Project Red" because of Nazism and fascism only touched the different White emigre movements, almost hitting Russia itself.

At the current time, ideologically empty, no big ideas — the motto of "get rich", only leads to the aggravation of social unrest. The idea of "European integration" of Russia, who introduced the political elites are completely "stillborn." They do not affect the code, the program of the Russian people, as doomed to failure. Other ideas are weak, but the idea of Russian nationalism — as the revival of Russian culture, and with it the Russian people as the basis of our civilization, the revival of Russian Empire, which already has supporters in the middle of the most diverse groups of patriots from the monarchists and the Stalinists to neo-pagans, rodnoverov, can unite a large part of the population.

And the Russian state in its almost turned into a cosmopolitan, rootless stage, working cattle. Any signs of a Russian-ness, here are trying to declare "antisetmitizmom", "chauvinism", saying that "Russian patriotism, refuge of scoundrels. "

In-2, hard preparing for the role of "the Jews" — Chechen people, and other North Caucasian peoples whose behavior causes similar to Chechen gangsters and extremists, so called. "Chechenisation" Youth and other North Caucasian peoples. They made the elite status, they are less likely to thunder in jail than Russian, Tatar and other "non-elite" peoples than for the same sin. Often there are provocations that media hype, in the end almost created an "internal enemy" who pushed and crime oligarchy, corruption of officials, the surrender of Moscow's foreign policy lines, returns neighbors a number of territories, etc. It remains to only "Pull the trigger", say "face" and a third Chechen war or even the Cross Caucasus war promised. Taking into account the hidden fighting properties of the Russian people, its numerical tremendous an advantage and an advantage in the field of arms, about the number of Caucasian nationalities will be forgotten, their "mop up" the roots ". Tales about "proud horsemen" and "mountain guerrilla" one can give to children if ordered, and all went out and brought "zamochat in the outhouse."

And then the "world community" will be a nice occasion to build a "Nuremberg-2", as required.

B-3, is ready and the leader — Vladimir Putin, who formed the party leader, the leader of various youth movements, inflated self-esteem. Only one example, not so long ago, it was still one Bilderberg meeting, there for Putin established a chair similar to the throne, all the others were ordinary chair. With his speech, he applauded standing the whole room, including the officers.

It creates yet another exciting movement — "Popular Front". There is a question — against whom? The first will be the victims — the neo-liberals? Putin's personality is popular among the people, even though he was president for two terms, then prime minister. In other words, he has supreme authority tremendous time and during this period one can dig up a lot of negative material as the population and the country. And he is fully responsible for it.

Fourth, it can be noted an apparent rise in various neo-pagan organizations, and movements. Because there are not farmers and workers in the main there are people with higher education, intellectuals, students. Almost formed the base of the future ideology of the "Russian Reich" — by analogy with the Third Reich, there is a basis of Nazi ideology was specifically neo-paganism, however, the "dark wing" — the worship of "Black Sun". Available in a lot of literature on this topic, there are magicians, nymphs, are sanctuaries are multiplied among the community and the number of their adherents.

Although in general, however, and the positive aspects of such organizations, communities: their members lead a healthy lifestyle, do not use different durmanov, engaged in melee combat, a lot of reading, socially active, doing the usual family. Occupy a position in the field of patriotic outlook.

C-5's, an active anti-Islamic propaganda, make the image of the enemy from China, from the states of Europe, NATO make "friends." "The world behind the scenes" wishes to make its Russian supplies in the fight against the Islamic world, China, throwing them against a "final battle" Russian. Russia itself and its peoples conflict with the Islamic world and China is not needed, we need constructive cooperation.

Therefore, Russian, if this scenario is elected "international conspiracy" as a priority, it is necessary to pass on the "razor's edge". In this scenario, there is a chance for the revival of our majestic powers of the people, but Russian nationalism should not fall to the level of Nazism. It is necessary to keep in mind and keep our standards in the Soul: Generosity, Love, Justice, Mercy for the weak …

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