The Secret History (all series) watch online

The Secret History (all series) watch online
This documentary series is about the historical events that have so far been covered by a halo of Enigma.

Many events have sunk in the past, leaving a lot of questions. With time and care of specific witnesses of what happened, from time to time is lost and the present true events, gathering legends and incorrect guesses.

Our people heroically survived the tragic actions of the second world war, and how much unknown to the general public was nestled behind the secrecy. And now the time has come to reveal the truth about the most horrible period in the history of our country.

Many witnesses to the dramatic events had to be silent for many years, hiding all information known to them the truth. And at the moment they are ready to cut short his silence and tell us all about word of mouth. The authorities painstakingly tried to prevent any leakage of truthful disk imaging, but true always finds a way, and all lurking at some point becomes obvious.

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Hidden stories — a series of programs

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