The slack in the U.S. Gulf floating base for special forces

United States being moved to the Persian Gulf floating base for special forces

As reported by Washington Post, mother ship South American division of naval special forces SEAL will be transferred to the Gulf region for patrolling the Strait of Hormuz. Under the control of "seals" will be taken Strait coastal zone, and when necessary they will be carried out operations on land. The Pentagon does not rule out the possibility that the South American military will remain in the region for several months.

In the South American military establishment in recent years did not once talk about the advantages of a floating base of special forces. Now there is a plan to remake a mother ship amphibious assault ship. On such basis will house small boats and helicopters. South American military department expects to place the mother ship in the Persian Gulf by the end of 2012

Previously, the United States declared their readiness to prevent any sample block shipping through Hormuz strait. With the threat to block the passage of tankers through strait, in the case of the introduction of the West sanctions on Iranian oil exports in late December gave Reza Rahimi, vice-president of the Islamic Republic.

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