The sons of Joseph Goebbels — friends of terrorists

In Morocco, another meeting was held under the title krivodushnym "Friends of Syria", which so called "National Coalition of the Syrian opposition and the revolutionary forces", made in Qatar in November, has received recognition from these psevdodruzey as the sole legitimate government of Syria. Although most of novopriznannyh or were not long ago in Syria, or run away from it in a difficult moment, and, of course, about any legitimacy — recognized — not out of the question.

The sons of Joseph Goebbels - friends of terrorists

This meeting did not go to the "mother of the coalition" — Hillary Clinton, which at one point had happened intestinal disorder. But there especially tried to David Cameron, the British Prime Minister. He showed himself the real heir of the late Joseph Goebbels, which claimed that Moscow was about to fall. And Cameron poured nightingale, "Do you understand that you can not beat!" — Clicked it, calling Bashar al-Assad to surrender to the mercy of favorites. More precisely, those who are just dreaming to be a winner and cherishes these dreams are almost two years.

And in the day's own recognition of the "friends" so called Syrian opposition particularly rasstaralas. In the province Damascus was committed outright 4 terrorist act that led to the victims in a human.

In Jaramani in troubled Jaramani, a suburb of Damascus, about which I had to write more than once, again, two explosions. One civilian inmate died, four were wounded.

In the Damascus worked two explosive devices attached to the bottom of the car, near the Palace of Justice in Qanawat quarter. One man was languishing injured. Parked cars destroyed near the same fate understood and shops located near the site of the explosion.
In the evening the whole Damascus heard a very sonorous explosion. It terrorists destroyed the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the neighborhood of Kafr Sousse. There were three explosions. At first — the two are not very hard to lure people into the street to force approach to the windows … And then — the one from which shook almost the entire city …

The building is destroyed. According to official figures, 5 people were killed and 23 wounded. It is not only employees of the ministry, and civilians — passers-by. Slightly wounded Interior Minister Mohammed al-Shaar.

In the middle of the dead — Deputy of the National Council of Syria Abdullah Keyruz. Certainly, this people's choice had much greater legitimacy than all the "coalition of Qatar", taken together!

On the same day re a terrorist act in a densely populated quarter of mezze-86 which, as Jaramana, very often becomes the target of bandits now. Its not just subjected to mortar attacks, there often were explosions, loss of life. Now this quarter blew the bus, full of passengers — it was a time when people vorachivalis from work. 3 killed, 8 injured.

Unfortunately, the newly added woeful list of killed journalists. Among those whose lives prematurely claimed the attack was a Syrian journalist municipal channel Anmar Yasin Muhammad.

In other words, in the first day as an "international recognition" of the so-called opposition is so inspired that "accelerated pace" rushed to fulfill its recognition by committing acts of terrorism. Saudi Arabia has allocated "freedom fighters" of 100 million dollars, under the guise of humanitarian aid.

The next day, December 13, the "opposition" has continued to fulfill the trust. Terrible attack occurred in a suburb of Damascus Katana. Strong explosion came at a time when the students were going to school, and adults took the time to their jobs. 16 people were killed and 25 wounded. Among them — a lot of ladies and children. A car bomb exploded near the school building, which received heavy damage.
A near Homs terrorists made an armed attack on a bus which drove to the place of power plant employees. Opened fire on the workers, and a few man were wounded.

Terrible case of execution of the objectionable terrorists family occurred in the village of Dzhobar, near Damascus. Head of the family wanted a ride to work wife, who was a teacher at the music school. The bandits attacked him right near his house. When his wife came out of the house, opened fire on it. As the lady got three bullets and died on the way to the clinic.

When the cry came out of her mother's teenage sons, the wounded and their thugs — 1st in the stomach, another in the back. And the head of the family was taken away in an unknown direction. He worked as a taxi driver. He was kidnapped together with his car.

The suffering of the Syrian people from the activities of these terrorists and their friends in the West and in the Arab world without end. Each new installment bandits work out so that the blood flows through the streets of the country buries sons and daughters, that new widows and orphans. How much more horrific terrorist acts should happen to the "Friends of Syria" finally fell behind with its own "friendship"?

And, of course, a very "friendly" step taken is one of the states — the so-called "Friends" — Greece. The Government has sent the Syrian Ambassador and two other Syrian embassy officials, of course, the slogan of the same "friendship." With all this the representatives of the Greek Foreign Ministry expressed the hope that "a friendly country will return to the measured situation." Syria and Greece have very nearly everything, and since ancient times, but for some reason, instead of to call on NATO allies to end its support of terrorism in a friendly country (that would put an end to the suffering of the Syrian people) — Management of Greece sends Syrian diplomats and reads the mouth of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dimitris Avramopoulos that "in international society should be a unified position on the Syrian issue." This minister has participated in the same meeting of the "Friends of Syria", and, apparently, after he hath desired to curry favor with Druganov …

But still — is there a way to try to desecrate the sacred word "friends"! They are really friends. But who? Friends of terrorists. Specifically, as it stands, and to call their gathering. But in this case, everyone will be saying who is who. And so these are masked sidekick and not directly call themselves friends of terrorists, and proudly called "Friends of Syria". In general, Goebbels, too, believed that Nazi Germany is not the nations perish and blood, and prosperity, happiness and order. A gas chambers and concentration camps, as well as daily bombings and now — it is so, the costs of the process bestow happiness.

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