The Story of a fraud, or global warming. Online

Recent years topic of global warming — One of the most discussed in the world. This was constantly saying the media, activists, environmentalists, and politicians. Every day the newspapers predict more fantastic apocalypse. We are told that factories and cars make the temperature around us higher and higher — the culprit is carbon dioxide or CO2. But is it? It's time to learn the truth. We present convincing evidence that the person guilty in the climate change on the planet does not really exist. Channel viewers know who and why came up with the great myth of man-made global warming. And earned it …

We'll tell you how and why in fact changed the climate of the planet. Throughout history, the land has been warming and cooling. When it was much warmer and much colder than today. When most of the planet was covered with tropical forests and vast glaciers. The climate is changing, and he did it without our help. These observations show that in the nineteenth century ended the coldest period of modern history. It is called the small ice age.
The truth is that man-made global warming is not scientifically proven theory. However, fears of future disasters proved a useful tool in the hands of politicians. And the struggle for the protection of nature has become a political tool.

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