The terrorist attack in the Minsk metro: how the investigation is going

In general prosecutor's office said the detention of suspects in the attack, the police were Identikit suspects and promise to the end of Tuesday to decide on the nature and power of the device, which exploded in Minsk subway on April 11.

The investigation team, engaged in terrorist attack on April 11 in the Minsk metro, consisting of investigators and prosecutors KGB. April 12 Deputy Attorney General Andrew Swedes, who heads the investigation team, said the arrested suspects in the attack. However, he did not specify what kind of people and how many of them, and did not say they are citizens of Belarus, or foreigners. Petr Kiselev the press service of the Prosecutor's Office Belarus has listed "Freedom", which is still made by the investigators:

"The case was filed under" Terrorism ", examined the scene, collected hundreds of different elements of an explosive device carried examination bodies. Already arrived to us from the Russian specialists who help to find out everything about the incident."

The case opened under the article "Terrorism"

So far, conflicting information about the power of the explosive device that was used by unknown terrorists at "October". The head of the investigation team Swedes Andrew says about 3 kilograms of TNT. The police previously estimated power of the bomb from 5 to 7 kilograms of TNT. April 12 Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov acknowledged that the power is still determined about, and promised before the end of Tuesday to give more specific answers to the questions that exploded and with what force:

Anatoly Kuleshov, the interior minister

"But you can with some certainty say that it was a remote controlled explosive device."

Also Anatoly Kuleshov said that the police are already looking for specific individuals allegedly involved in the crime:

"During the operation we have received certificates of citizens and on their basis were identikit suspects. Now we have these identikit, they multiply and are now common to find these people."

We got the certificate of citizens and on their basis were identikit suspects

Composite sketch drawn up by the two parties. Minister Kuleshov did not specify whether persons with identikit attitude towards those detained, investigators from the prosecutor's office.

April 12 in the Internet there were reports of incidents on buses and in other metro stations. This information is not confirmed. In the middle of the day, Interfax referring to the Security Council, said that the detained several people who spread through the Internet deliberate misinformation about new terrorist attacks in Minsk. Minsk police in connection with the public and media warned about the responsibility for the spread of unverified information. Alexander Lastouski of Minsk police said, "Freedom":

"From the police is competent to declare that the likes of pranksters who spread false information, the police will not stand on ceremony. We'll catch them, but we have to have all of the technical capabilities, and to prosecute just shamelessly."

April 12 it was announced that as part of the investigation of the attack to the police station in a conversation cause of those detained in autumn 2010 as part of the investigation of cases of attacks on the Russian embassy and other buildings in Minsk in 2009-2010. In particular, it called for an interview environmental activist Igor Bagatchyka, and by ecologist and journalist Vladimir Volodin Police arrived home. Meanwhile, according to reports, the case of the attacks on the Russian embassy, the insulator in Akrestsin Palace of Trade Unions and other buildings have already been investigated, charged on them exhibited an activist of the anarchist movement in Belarus.

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