The terrorists were caught, investigators award, the opposition questioned

Alexander Lukashenko said that the attack on April 11 in Minsk metro opened, and ordered to reward all those who were looking for criminals and struggling with the consequences of a terrorist attack.

Sensational statement that the attack is discovered, Alexander Lukashenko did in the first half of the day at a meeting with security officials in his administration. Lukashenka's speech was recorded every hour of TV and scrolls in the news on state television channels. Alexander Lukashenko said on written text, breaking away from him just for the sake of small replicas:

"Today,5th morning the crime was solved. Security officers and the police needed only day to spend yesterday at 21:00 flawless operation and no noise, gunshots and fireworks delay performers. Today5th morning they gave their testimony. Above all, we already know who and how to perform this act of terrorism, while only knows what purpose. But it will soon become known, and it is now our main goal, "- said Alexander Lukashenko. According to him, the conscience of captured terrorists — explosions in Vitebsk in 2005 and in Minsk, July 4, 2008. The names of the detainees Lukashenko did not name, but only said that they worked in the ordinary labor groups "who is a turner, who is a mechanic." Lukashenko did not believe that the leaders of the enterprises where they worked, there were no doubts about these people. "These people always have abnormal deviations, they should have seen it," — says Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko thanked those who have exposed the crime and ordered not only to reward them, but also to take care of a solution to their everyday problems:

"To those who helped in solving crimes. It is necessary to move the material support of these people. From cash payments solutions to housing issues. "

Alexander Lukashenko has ordered the heads of law enforcement agencies within a month to develop a system of security measures to prevent a repeat of what happened on April 11. Including

Attract and interrogate all, no matter what kind of democracy.

The President instructed to interrogate opposition politicians in connection with the attack. "All the draw and question, no matter what kind of democracy" — said Lukashenko.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, the people who confessed to the attack, was arrested at 21 pm April 12. How did it affect the investigation?

Judging by official sources, the work of the investigators did not stop, and on April 13 when the crime has been solved. On the night of April 13, arrived in Minsk 7 experts in the field of anti-terrorism in Israel. Reported that the airport they immediately went to inspect the terrorist attack. Also reported that more experts are expected to arrive from the Investigative Committee of Russia. In Minsk, April 12, has been working the FSB Russia.

The correspondent of "Freedom" called the prosecutor's office, which is being investigated in order to compare the information announced on arrested Alexander Lukashenko, with the one on April 13 in the first half of the day told the media head of the investigation team Andrew Swede. The head of the press service of the Prosecutor's Office Petr Kiselev clarifying information about potential terrorists has not given:

Reporter"The Swede spoke of detained suspects in the attack. These are those of whom said Lukashenko? . "

Kiselev"The Swedes are not transcribed. At today's press conference, he said that he would not call the number, and so on. In the interest of the investigation. "

Reporter"And do not call names?"

Kiselev"Of course not."

Reporter"But Lukashenko has said he confessed."

Kiselev"Well, I do not know. I like everything, and now look, I'm listening. What do I prove that I am saying that do not lead, do not say. "

Reporter"And according to the prosecutor's office did they confessed, and the bombings in Vitebsk and Minsk on Independence Day?".

Kiselev"No, I do not know. The Swede did not say that and not an argument. "


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