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Explosion in Minsk subway was a test for a range of urban services: rescue, medical transport. Whether they were prepared to work in an emergency?

The explosion at the plant, "October" occurred during the evening rush hour, when the metro is filled with the maximum number of people. Radio Liberty correspondent Valentine Aksak, caught in the middle of the action, said that what happened was a surprise not only for passengers but also for employees of Subway:

"There were no announcements from the staff of the subway was not: nothing happened, nor what do the people — no commands have been reported. The people themselves were guided where to go or what to do, and already on the way out, I heard the call of the one people and did so far — is in the opposite direction. On the platform itself, I saw how the guys were saving the girl who was burning some man carried in his arms. Of those who lay — off one person no hands. About half an hour I was chosen to the surface, and when it came near the House of the officers did not see that there is no fast. And these guys were running, screaming, called an ambulance. Then I went to the subway station "Kupalovskaya" but there is also not seen any faster. "

At a special evening meeting Alexander Lukashenko ordered the subway in the morning working normally. However, for the next day for the passengers was open only one metro line. Here's how it commented the chief engineer of the underground movement George Weaver:

"There are carried out repair work on the station" October. "

Reporter"There is a serious injury?"

"Yes, there is. Night trains are economic — they are imported building materials, take out the garbage. This trolley such that elektrychnastsi not work, and gasoline. Let there is no possibility of electric trains. And the situation is that the work there is still a lot. "

Reporter"Then why do not close one station, and all? '.

"You know, this question is probably not for me. I do not accept this decision. "

During the day, in the city center only people traveled by road. Especially difficult to get to work in the morning, reported the citizens of Minsk.

Reporter"Either you get to work today, and how easy is that it? '".

Mrs."Not very easily. Hundredth bus is full, do not sit on the bus, and subway, I do not even gone — heard over the radio that closed. "

Reporter"You usually use the subway or on land? '.

Mr."Now land, so long as the metro is closed, it is — the first one. And secondly — I think the fear of the people will remain for a long time. "

Mrs."It was hard to get — it was impossible to sit down, I missed three buses. Many do not even arrived on time, because basically all use the metro. "

In the enterprise, "Minsktrans" reported that in addition to the street of the capital on April 12 was withdrawn over a hundred units of buses, trolleybuses and trams. There was also perarazmerkavanaya amount of equipment on various routes, which could cause overloading of transport, says the deputy of the head of the organization of movement Alexander Kashtalyan:

Reporter"Many people have complained that it was difficult to get to work."

"Well, many people are used to the traditional routes, and there is not quite traditional, and some were uncomfortable. Someone accustomed to sit down for the umpteenth trip to the phone because it is empty. And now he was going to Uruchcha, and, of course, there Uruchenskaya pazaymali place already — that's already the inconvenience of Filimonov. But, believe me — tried to block this line, we are also not every day work in such a situation. And quickly changed the routes and switches — If possible, try to provide transportation. "

As the head of the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vitaly Novitsky, three minutes after reports of an explosion at the metro station "October" has 22 pieces of equipment and about a hundred of rescuers who have completed their work for 15 minutes. Doctors also say that doing everything necessary to help the victims. Says the head of the intensive care department of the hospital emergency room Sergei Komlik:

"In the morning, we had 16 people, different types of injuries, the state — moderate, severe patients there."

Reporter"It is enough if the necessary funds, for example, blood, drugs?"

"Yes. All drugs that are needed are in stock in full. "

Meanwhile, in the village of Blood Transfusion Hospital emergency room, the number of volunteers to donate blood, said, "Freedom," the nurse of one of the departments of the hospital:

"Yesterday there was a noise like, bring a person — in his blood out of his ears — once in the injury department. And his acoustic trauma — as concussion — with webbed problem. Very many were disoriented, in shock, do not understand what is happening — to go home, and many people could not understand that they need help. In my opinion, many are in the burns unit, and the ones that we have in the intensive care unit — they are in a serious condition. We're not hear to say that something is missing, even though the morning was a very long line at the Department of Blood Transfusion to donate blood. People react. "


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