The U.S. and China, which power will fall first?

At the current time is very popular perception that the U.S. will fall, if not in the coming 2-3 years, then at least 5-10 years for sure. Indeed, States have a huge problem — a huge national debt, economic stagnation, unemployment, increased global competitors, the loss of the position of global hegemon, the possibility of loss of Bax position of world currency, etc. But in the 30 years the United States has also been a huge problem — Lofty Depression (1929-1939), the country even had their own "Holodomor", which is not accepted to remember. Second global war changed all that, one of the States of the majestic powers became a superpower. This scenario can be repeated and, more precisely, are already trying to repeat.

China is rapidly risen in two decades, but this frisky growth lies and terrible threat of the same frisky collapse and fall. Beijing currently being frantically searches for ways to solve the huge problems:

— Overcrowding provinces with exceptional climate and infrastructure, it is Capital Territory and the Maritime Provinces, in the presence of vast deserts and wastelands. For this government to speedily develops Tibet, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Manchuria (Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning). So makarom try to solve the problem of the current location.

The U.S. and China, which power will collapse first?

Density naceleniya China in 2005.

— State question China in the view of most people of — a monolith, but there are about 55 different nations, each with its own government customs, with his tongue. Therefore, leading a rich colonization of Tibet, Xinjiang Uygur region, Manchuria, Beijing immediately seeks to prevent the likely split the country along ethnic lines. Anglo-Saxon intelligence agencies and private organizations can play professionally, "ethnic card". Islamic radicals, Uighur and Tibetan separatists are a good tool to split the country, with social and economic destabilization of China.

— Anglo-Saxons can play the "democracy card" of China, the benefit of the young generation of Chinese urban residents are addicted to the "joy of life". In fact, China has already come creeping process of initiation to "democratic values" — in 1997, homosexuality was considered a criminal crime graduated in 2001 — a psychological aberration, in 2009, Shanghai was the first festival of sexy minorities. China has revived the tradition of so-called. "Golden canaries," which more than two thousand years. This tradition got its title as the "owners" groom lovers, lodge them in "love" tambourines and output have fun. It is associated with the growth of the economy and the corruption of officials, "golden canary" became a mandatory attribute for party officials, bureaucrats and businessmen, an emblem of their status. And this despite the presence of millions of young guys who do not "shine" to find a spouse. If the Russian Revolution sexy covered in the early 90's, that China is shrouded in the 2000s. And there are lots of signs.

The script worked perfectly in the Soviet Union — "restructuring", "glasnost" and "parade of sovereignties".

Hitch — "Surrounded by enemies", the U.S., China in an attempt to destabilize and destroy it with pleasure will support most of the adjacent countries. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, India with pleasure contribute to these processes. They need a weak, torn by contradictions China. Even better — war civilian clothes in it, where it will be possible to put on their "own" the generals and governors.

So Makar, the U.S. can solve its prepyadstviya due to the "mess" in China. The world will be shocked by the disaster in China, and all will derive its benefits, solve their problems — Islamic separatists, nationalists, Tokyo, Taiwan, Vietnam (can capture the Paracel Islands), India, USA. Taiwan in general can be used as a "Trojan horse", All-China KMT regained.

Scenario start of the destructive processes in China could be "crash of the dollar," which will be one hundred percent control, the United States will move to the Amero, and China with its largest bucks supplies in the world "sit in a puddle" (approximately 3 trillion.). In Beijing, it is understood and diligently in recent years to get rid dollars — putting them in infrastructure projects inside the country, in Africa, Latin America, the Arab countries, even in Europe.

This is just one scenario, Washington has launched a "wave" in Africa, the Arab world is under attack Pakistan. Another global war on the doorstep. As an outcome of the Anglo-Saxons can be absolutely dominant project on the planet.

The U.S. and China, which power will collapse first?

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