The U.S. and Israel will merge for the creation of a missile defense system

The U.S. and Israel unite to create a missile defense systemThe web site mignews was reported in what they say about Israel's plans for the coming spring drills designed to improve missile defense. These exercises will be the most ambitious in the history of the country and are a typical response to the actions of Iran to produce nuclear weapons.

Teachings anticipate working closely with U.S. forces. As part of the planned maneuvers on the ground Israel accommodate several units totaling several thousand people. From the American side of the plans involved in the exercise is a third of the Air Force U.S. Lieutenant General Frank Gorani, which last week visited Israel.

The main purpose of these exercises is to develop a joint working group that will manage to solve various puzzles in the event of a large-scale in the Middle East conflict. Acts scheduled for this is quite extensive and contain a placement on the ground of Israel Fri American team also planned to place the IDF command centers in Germany, the headquarters of the European Command.

Vpribavok planned maneuvers to simulate the interception of missile salvos, which can be focused on Israel. For existing missile defense systems Israel"Patriot", "Iron Dome" and "Hets" — to work together will be delivered to the South American anti-missile complex THAAD ballistic missiles and a few ship-based Aegis.

As part of the visit Frank's own battery Gorani visited the "Iron Dome", located in the south of the country, as one of the test laboratories Israel in Holon, in which the Air Force model learning situations to intercept missiles and aircraft possible opponent. In addition, the Gorani held talks with the commander of a division of the air defense Israel — Brigadier General Doron Gavischem.

The plans of the military command Israel deployment in the coming months, the fourth battery "Iron Dome", which can be housed in Haifa to protect oil refineries. For 2012 it is planned to create more 3-complexes "Iron Dome", the budget has been allocated to it by the Ministry of Defence Israel.

Also, the command of the Air Force Israel advance plans that involve the deployment of "Sling of David," created to intercept medium-range missiles and cruise missiles. The first tests in the criteria for simulating combat, scheduled for mid-2012.

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