The U.S. Army received the HIMARS

The U.S. Army received the HIMARS

Analysis of World Trade Center said instrument of transfer by "Lockheed Martin" 400 standard highly mobile artillery system HIMARS the U.S. Army.

First HIMARS MLRS launchers land troops America had adopted in June 2005, and in December of the same year an agreement was signed for a batch of delivery. The new agreements are signed for the supply of MLRS once a year, so the UAE signed a contract in 2006 for the supply of 20 launchers for a total cost of 752 million dollars. Period of execution of the contract in 2013 year. In 2007, a similar agreement was signed with Singapore, where it was about 18 launchers in the amount of 330 million dollars, is planned for the end of the supply current year. In the same year should end in delivery of 12 units in the Jordan, according to the contract of 2009, amounting to $ 220 million. U.S. Army plans to buy about 900 MLRS HIMARS.

MLRS HIMARS is designed to defeat the areas of concentration of manpower, facilities defense, means of support and the support means artillery and light armored enemy targets. Another objective of the system is to provide fire support to their own troops and providing logistical support. The need for highly mobile missile systems that allow their deployment forces BTA suitable area, in parts of the Marine Corps and units of airborne troops, led to the creation of High-Mobility-Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS). First experienced its standard was released in September 1994.

First, in 1996 between the company "Lockheed Martin" and the command, guided weapons, U.S. Army, was contracted to build a sample test PU HIMARS, the amount of which was 22.3 million dollars. Four and a half years, experts at the company issued three combat vehicles to the customer on tests for 2 years, and the fourth left for industry standard tests. In July 1998, representatives of the Army have been produced successful control shooting of ATACMS missile complex with an experienced reference PU HIMARS.

The U.S. Army received the HIMARS

The second series of the system was presented to the all-encompassing tests in November 2003. During the tests have been used NURS "M-26" missiles MGM-140B and 164A, also have been tried guided missiles system MLRS. Unfortunately, there was no information about the ability of fire from the 1st chassis shells of various calibres (change of TPK). Production tests for compliance with the standard most experienced TK was completed in January 2004, confirming the declared tactical and technical and operational properties. During their car was loaded into the C-130 and delivered to the landfill east Fort Sill, where she was discharged less than 5 minutes, then, is nominated for the position of combat training and received data targeting, gave volley six rounds. On 16 June 2005 the system began to enter the army, became the first recipient of the Division 3 27 Field Artillery Regiment 28 Airborne Corps U.S..

At the end of 2006 from the U.S. Army received the order to "Lockheed" to develop the car for BM, in what would be the increased protection of the combat crew, September 30, 2010 Army received its own order at a cost of 15.8 million dollars. In March 2009, tests were conducted modified HIMARS, in the course of which were launched two missiles SLAMRAAM. For this was used a converted freight container starting from the complex ATACMS, when starting to use standard system Fire control with additional software. According to test results, it was decided to finish the work on the creation of the WPK for anti-aircraft guided missiles and in accordance with the plans of the command to use the machines in the air defense system.

System has been tested in real combat criteria during "Operation Iraqi Freedom", one of the latest applications, observed February 14, 2010 in Afghanistan. There during the counter-terrorist operation in the town of Marjah two shells MLRS very much deviated from the target and hit the civilian building, eventually calculated the 12 killed peaceful inhabitants.

The U.S. Army received the HIMARS

As a combat vehicle in the MLRS HIMARS applied altered five-ton truck chassis 6×6 Stewart & Stevenson, book cabins, providing protection from bullets and shrapnel min. The six-cylinder diesel engine Caterpillar 3116 ATAAC turbocharged produces 290 hp. s. At 2600 rpm. / Min. Engine capacity 6.6 liters. Box — a seven-speed automatic Allison, clearance of 564 mm., Ford up to 0.9 meters. Calculating machines are 3 people — the driver, commander and operator-gunner.

The system does not use the unchanging package guides, instead it uses standard single TPK MLRS MLRS. Shooting can be carried by all types of MLRS used in the URS and unguided rockets, in addition can be used missiles MGM-140 and 164 from the complex ATACMS. Shoot TPK replaced after the shooting to new, fitted and sealed at the factory. Shelf life of shells in TPK is 10 years. Himself transport and launch container is a package of 6 fiberglass pipes in duralumin holder with inside iron rails, which are placed in a spiral, and appropriate projectile rotation when running counterclockwise. The weight of the container is equipped with a 2270 kg. Reloading the system is carried out by sliding the console with a winch controlled from the cab or from remote.

The U.S. Army received the HIMARS

Fire control systems, power electronics and data reception and transmission completely unified with elements of BM M270A1 MLRS MLRS. In the modernized version of the launcher are improved control units and elements of the navigation system to facilitate the management and operation of MLRS.

Transport and loading vehicle designed to transport and loading and unloading of the WPK. It is a truck, the back of which is mounted crane platform. TRV-trailer capable of carrying 4 transport and launch container.

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