The U.S. claims the RF gas war?

One of the operating leverage in the global economy and the means of it — on the economy of the countries taken separately, no doubt, are the energy perturbations. Over the last couple of years by zabugornyh "partners" with enviable regularity heard a word about that in today's world, there is only one government that can provide for themselves power pressure in order to benefit only themselves. And the government is — Our homeland.

U.S. declares war on Russian gas?

Based on this philosophy, we often find that any attempt to make a profitable price adjustment energoelementy by Russian companies abroad was evaluated as a new step energy war, in which Moscow is of exceptional aggressor. That on the "aggressor" deal a devastating and, of course, the democratic impact, the United States has developed a strategy aimed at reducing the dependence of the leading states of the world from those energoelementov that over the past few decades had to be reincarnated as an indispensable. The strategy was based on the search for new energy sources, designed to reduce the role of conventional natural gas and crude oil in the world economy. It would seem to reduce that if the world has to make the processes of production, consumption and marketing? On this score after Washington gave the answer: the United States is going to act as a guarantor of energy security in the future, because the same ordinary natural gas at some point end. A very humanistic thought, and fully in the spirit of the United States — to save the world's population of some danger, which is not even all suspected …

But for at least some "humanist" idea coming from our huge "friends" often hides a completely different purpose. At this time, this goal is more than yavna: rob a leading player in the global energy market (Russia) the ability of the broader impact on the world market and, consequently, in geopolitical terms. But to deprive Russia of this, it is obvious enough to say that the head of Russian Federation is "anti-democratic regime" and that Moscow is an instrument of mass destruction is waved with test tubes and other potent for fledgling ordinary consciousness of Western man props (for example, Iraq). It is not enough, as the same immature minds have already become accustomed to the words of the "Russian totalitarianism" and even in the presence of "totalitarian regime" of nuclear warheads. And if you are used to, it was necessary to urgently hit, so to speak, on the other flank.

Here was born the idea that the gas and oil — transient, but the biofuels and Shale gas, you know, the eternal … Say, long time to diversify the economy and to turn away from that to which the world has had time to get used to, otherwise everyone is waiting for a cool and hungry future. Well, well … The idea seemed fascinating to many, and it began to develop, particularly with regard to shale gas extraction is initially good performance with the volume and profitability immediately called shale revolution. Publications (mostly South American, which completely naturally) began to leave the headings in the spirit of Russian classics: "The road to shale gas!" Or "Shale gas — a guarantee of future energy security." It only remained to make so that the price of ordinary natural gas went down, and the raw materials from Russian steel renounce those countries which means that raw materials used to solve their energy problems.

Initially all went to Washington as it is impossible at all. The company Devon Energy has drilled the world's first horizontal well for the industrial production of shale gas after it was found that the United States has impressive supplies of the raw material (24-25 trillion. Cubic meters, of which about 15% are recoverable).

Extensive work on the extraction of shale gas in the United States has deployed a company Chesapeake Energy, which is a legal entity came into being in 1989. Just a couple of years of active shale gas company was able to achieve a decent success. Gas production cost for all this was relatively low, and it would seem, still quite a bit — and the world completely abandon the ordinary supply of natural gas, which is the main implementer of our homeland.

It came to that desktop South American president in 2008-2009 went paper with the numbers on which his lips could be born only a satisfied smirk. These numbers demonstrate that the U.S. went out on first place in the world in terms of gas (2009), with a third from the prey, speak out so that other species of blue fuel that seems to justify the complete victory of the U.S. in the energy market …

But since then, when the South American president danced for joy in the roundness of the office did not have time to pass and 2-years as professionals suddenly announced that there was to be a "slight exaggeration" in production. It was close to the South American government experts. Experts also a bit more distant from those authorities conducted their evaluation of gas production in the U.S., including shale, including the level of configurations, prices for this type of fuel in the world market. And it turned out that the "registry" not only were, but they were also very impressive. According to some reports, to multiply the gas production in the U.S. for 11% of all … In other words, not exactly: mined as mined, except that Snow White House thought that is produced by 11%. But still they say that the Americans did, and never take over from the ocean … just, you know, my … It turns out that even very adopt.

But the registry postscripts, and specifically these "official" data is replicated and went a few years back on the world. What was the result? Gas prices came down. About that Washington and dreaming, but then everything went somewhat different scenario, while on several fronts. At first, our homeland, knowing that drop in global gas prices may painfully affect the budget, just decided to lower production and exports. Namely, "Gazprom" has registered decrease in gas production in 2012 by 6.6% compared with 2011.

In the Ancient World it immediately caused a stir patient: some particularly impulsive EU citizens from among those in power have to yell at the top of the voice, that our homeland is becoming an unreliable supplier. Screaming, yelling, but by then the gas-procurement is not abandoned. After that move on the part of the Russian Federation gas prices have stabilized. Now the countryside of Europe against Russian gas averages about $ 400-450 per 1,000 cubic meters, and to refuse to purchase something inaudible …

Another hard-hitting moment for Washington came from American environmentalists. It turned out that that development, which for shale gas using the company does great harm to the environment. That is the essence of the issue rests on the so-called hydraulic fracturing. This development, according to the views of "green", leads to the fact that the water is used for drinking and household needs, get a variety of impurities that are difficult to call useful: toluene, ethylbenzene, etc. To reduce the degree of glow around the stories of infection from water and soil mining companies are even invited to the live broadcasts of the inhabitants of those places where shale gas was carried out using hydraulic fracturing. The inhabitants, of course, know what they feel just fine and no benzene in water is not detected. But the wheel is spun and a large part of the same impressionable and environmentalists believe the Yankees did not believe the invited "witnesse
s" who once called false witnesses.

In addition to the above-mentioned negative for the U.S. barriers still stands, at least, one. This barrier marked yet another "friend" of the United States — the Chinese government. Beijing has decided to conduct its own independent assessment of the situation in the natural gas market and to evaluate the prospects of shale gas imports from the United States, for example, in Europe. After analyzing the collected disk imaging found that while shale gas can not be a rival to ordinary gas, which is transported through pipes. The reason is that even if the United States will come to such level of shale gas in which its volume is quite active for export to the EU, the price of this raw material will be many times higher than the price of the "tube". Because shale gas will be liquefied in the U.S., fill them tankers delivered across the Atlantic, to dilute in Europe. In the end, Chinese economists have found that shale gas — is, of course, excellent, but in order for the system to not only its production, and relatively cheap shipping from the U.S. to the same Europe to work, will not one ten years.

But the South American and West European companies have chosen not to depart from their own ideas to lower the magnitude of the effect of "Gazprom" in the European gas market. One of the new approaches to ensure that the system of global energy game continued its work, elected Ukrainian move. Virtually of days it became clear that the British-Dutch energy giant Shell, Exxon Mobile and South American decided to invest more than 6 billion dollars in the development of so-called Ukrainian system of unconventional gas. It is reported that the investment will be spent on the development of oil shale deposits in the Yuzovsky and Olessky areas. Hughes area is located in the Donetsk and Kharkiv regions and has supplies about 4 trillion cubic feet of gas. Olessky area is located in the Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. It supplies experts at Exxon Mobile estimated at about $ 3 trillion. cbm

In other words, Western companies have decided to get close to the other side. Apparently, the Chinese settlements of transporting gas from the United States was, indeed, right … Well, why increase the amount of shale gas production at home, risking the ire of environmentalists, if it is possible to experience away from their own territory … There benzene followed by fracturing or not — let , they say, is now trying to find out more … The choice fell to the Ukraine, which had already declared that Yanukovych is now able to produce gas, Putin unprofitable, and so for a long time in the annals of history as the politician who brought forever Ukraine from Russian energy dependence …

Maybe this particular proposal Viktor Yanukovych and expect from the West, delaying (to be exact, and it is not starting at all) the negotiation process on the likely entry of Ukraine into the Customs alliance with Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia.

Once in Donetsk and Mariupol took to the streets protesting against shale gas production people, "orange" press here dubbed the protesters those who "work out millions of Putin and" Gazprom ". Correspondents some even found a schoolboy which claimed that he had come to the rally against the production of chocolate …

In general, as can be seen, the power struggle is gaining momentum, and Moscow, if it is going to continue to have some impact on the world market, should not look at this fight through the fingers, and accept the challenge. In the unlikely event alone media war in this field will cause irreparable harm to the Russian economy.

U.S. declares war on Russian gas?

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