The U.S. has already waging war against Russia and China

U.S. is already at war with Russia and China

Interview with Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant to the Minister of Finance U.S. Economic Policy in the administration of Ronald Reagan

They say that Washington recommend to arm the revolutionaries in Libya. Do you think it will cancel the idea?

— They are already arming them. This is the uniqueness of the Libyan uprising. This is not a peaceful uprising, it passes not in the capital. This is an armed insurrection that comes from the eastern part of the country. And we know that the United States were involved in the fighting, so that they are armed.

Can you compare it with the intervention of the military intervention in Bahrain?

— We do not want to overthrow the government in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, where both governments are using violence against protesters because they are our puppets, and in Bahrain we have a large naval base.

We want to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria because we wish to expel China and Russia from the Mediterranean. China produced a massive energy investments in eastern Libya and is relying on it, along with Angola and Nigeria, in terms of its own energy needs. This is an attempt to deny the United States to China in resources — as well as Washington and London denied resources to the Chinese in the 30s.

What is the enthusiasm of the protests in Syria? A website WikiLeaks shows that Americans are behind the protests. We are interested in this, since there are Russian naval base, which gives them a presence in the Mediterranean Sea. So, you see, Washington intervened in Libya and make great efforts to intervene in Syria because we want to get rid of Russian and Chinese.

But we do not say anything about the Saudis: how they treat protesters or something about the violence used against protesters in Bahrain.

You want to say that the ultimate goal of the attack on Libya — the oil factor?

— It's not only in the oil business in the Chinese introduction to Africa and the fact that China is building supplies for its own energy needs. Maybe you know that the International monetary Fund released a report, which states that "the era of America" is over and that within 5 years, the Chinese economy surpass South American and then the United States will become the second naikrupneyshey economy in the world, and not the first. So Washington is trying to apply the block, use their superior military and strategic capabilities in order to avoid getting China's resources and slow down the development of the Chinese economy.

This is the main reason the CIA activity in eastern Libya and why the protests broke out specifically in the East, and not in the capital, as in other Arab countries, is also the reason why the armed protests.

What do you think diplomatically isolation of Libya was the only prerequisite for this military intervention?

— I do not think this is the main reason. The main reason — to expel China from Libya, which is what happens. Prior to the campaign, there were 30 thousand Chinese, and later 29 thousand were evacuated.

In addition, it is Gaddafi's retribution for his refusal to join the Joint Command of the armed forces of the United States in the area of Africa. It began to operate in 2008 and became a South American response to China's entry into Africa, the United States made military response, and Gaddafi refused to participate — he said it was an act of imperialism and the attempt to acquire the whole continent.

Third reason — Gaddafi in Libya holds the key to an important part of the Mediterranean coast. The same with Syria. I think these two countries are just standing in the way of American hegemony in the Mediterranean Sea and the Americans just do not want to, so influential Russian fleet based there, also do not want to see China pulling out of Africa energy resources.

Washington was caught off guard broke out in Tunisia and Egypt mess, but quickly realized that they could use and hide behind Arab protests desire to expel Russia and China, without resorting to direct confrontation, so that the protests in Libya and Syria was orchestrated.

We do know that the CIA has fueled the conflict in eastern Libya for some time, it is a recognizable fact. Published by WikiLeaks telegrams proves that Americans are involved in fomenting unrest in Syria.

We did not provoke unrest in Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia or Saudi Arabia. We may have been responsible for the protests in Yemen, as we use drones and are pushing certain tribal elements.

So the difference is that the Americans have put their hand in the affairs of Syria and Libya, organized demonstrations, gave money, etc.. There are always unhappy, you can buy or you can promise.

Now the drones used in Libya. Where are they managed? On a technical level, they can not fly from Italy because of a lack of fuel, so where?

— I do not know, maybe with American warships. I think the last message was from bespilotnike naval officer. I should like to add something. Perhaps the greatest risk and the risk ignored is China's attitude. Chinese companies are losing hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of this intervention. In them there 50 powerful investment, all goes down the toilet, and China takes the right intervention as an act against them. Do they have no illusions, they do not read the New York Times or Washington Post and believe all this crap. They behold the only American act directed against China.

You claim that America wants to throw China and change the investment by South American companies?

— All the way. I also think that Russia recognize that actions in Syria targeted against them and their base.

We are, in fact, begin to interfere with 2 large countries: China, whose economy may be better than South American, as the Chinese have jobs, and with Russia, which has unlimited nuclear arsenal. We are starting to put pressure on a very strong country, with very imprudent manner. We behave imprudently and unsafe.

How Our homeland and China will conclude that with the Yankees simply can not be treated properly and that they are determined to somehow subdue them and harm them, the result may be at least some kind of escalation. This is a real danger and we can threaten a major war.

Italy relies very much on Libyan oil. What can be said about the role of Italy, as a member of NATO in Libya?

— This is another unique moment in the Libyan intervention. Why NATO is fighting a war in Africa? The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed to defend against a possible Russian invasion of Western Europe. Russian Union does not have 20 years. With the help of the Pentagon and the U.S. alliance was transformed into auxiliary troops, and NATO is now involved in a brutal war in Africa. This war — a brutal war, a war offensive.

So this extraordinary action. Why do they happen? We did not use NATO in Egypt, Tunisia, and definitely not going to use in Saudi Arabia or Bahrain, so it's surprising — NATO's war in Africa. Need clarification.

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