The United States was classified data about the fall of the Phobos-Grunt

The United States was classified data about the fall of the "Phobos-Grunt"The strategic command of the United States of America which is responsible for monitoring gallakticheskogo places removed from its own special online resource all the information about the fall of the interplanetary station "Phobos-Grunt" in the Pacific. As reported by RIA "Announcements", this fact has caused bewilderment professionals, because to this day South American military did not do anything like that.

The South American strategic command for special Internet site SpaceTrack constantly publishes the dates start, orbital parameters and re-entry vehicles and their gallakticheskih debris. Namely, spices on a website laid TIP messages — estimates of when the crash site and satellites, and later the final settlement coordinates.

But the standard practice in the case of the station "Phobos-Grunt" was changed. Prerequisites such configurations are unknown. On the website in late December launched the first TIP message. In it as the point of incidence indicates the south-west of Afghanistan, with all this time spread reentry was 11 days. But soon, the message from the web site has been removed and the new improved data has not appeared.

"Phobos-Grunt" in the fall forecast gallakticheskih machines appeared in January, is specifically before the fall, but unlike similar cases, precise timing and location of the crash site was not reported. In the respective column indicates only the spectrum at time 16:59 17:47 GMT (20:59 — 21:47 by Moscow time) on January 15. Fall "Phobos" disk imaging on Russian military has happened over the Pacific Ocean at 21:45.

In addition, the website also released a note that information regarding Russian station is published in a format that differs from the standard entries.

Administration Web site on the issue of journalists in connection with what information of the "Phobos" given in incomplete form, gave a very concise answer: "This information was removed at the direction of management. "

These dates fall on the spectrum of the station "Phobos-Grunt" at the current time from the website removed it possible to see only the date of the fall, and the last known orbital characteristics apparatus.

At the same time, SpaceTrack located explicit data on the location and time of the fall gallakticheskih other devices, for example, the Russian "Cosmos-2176".

At some commentators such selectivity raised eyebrows. "Apparently, it is contrary to the declared policy of the Government of South American data on the situation in gallakticheskom space, also undermines the efforts of the State Department and NASA, the interaction with other countries and the public on issues related to dropping the unit," — said the expert on the control of the near-Earth space Washington-based fund "is not a dangerous world," Brian Weeden.

The expert was unable to name the circumstances that led the U.S. military to remove information about the "Phobos-Grunt". But RIA "Announcements" reports that this story takes place against the background of the part of, as if the premise of the tragedy was the light of U.S. radar stationed on Kwajalein Atoll. Are independent experts and NASA denied this version.

AWS (automatic interplanetary station) "Phobos-Grunt" is the first in 15 years Russian station, created to deliver a satellite of Mars soil samples. "Phobos-Grunt" launched on the night of November 9 from the Baikonur "cosmodrome." But sustainer propulsion plant was not involved, and therefore the apparatus did not come out on the flight line of traffic to a satellite of Mars. As a result, the tragedy of the "Phobos-Grunt" instead of the 34-month odyssey of two months with a small fly in low Earth orbit.

January 15 pieces of the station fell into the ocean.

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