The unusual ball of light seen in the sky over the Kirov

November 12, 2012 20:53

Guests from neighboring planets often began to visit the Earth. So in this case Kirov was not the first. Witness the visit "space visitors" was a simple student at a university regional center Lobastov Vitali. 20 year old guy is not only able to observe a secret trip "little green men" in the night sky, and shoot what is happening on the amateur shoot digital camera.

— I've never seen a UFO in the sky — recognized Vitali. — The fall of the stars and plane flights — business as usual. But to such a strange … But always wanted to see such a spectacle! Late in the evening (it was early in the summer) from the window of his apartment in the sky, I noticed a few bright points. They were so bright that they can not be confused with any one star. In my head thought: "aliens"!
The student was not taken aback and decided to act!

— After all, if you do not provide proof, no one will believe me! I read a lot of UFOs in the books and I think that spaceships do exist!
Grabbing the table digital camera, Vitaly rushed back to the window. Hands were shaking with excitement, but the man pushed the button start recording. True, managed to shoot a few seconds of the flight of luminous balls. But the proof of the existence of UFOs is remembered little device.
The next day, Vitaly shared his observations with classmates and friends! This is how the average student to get lucky by the tail!
View this video of UFO Kirov regional branch of the All-Russian Scientific Research Public Association "Kosmopoisk" Yuri Kalinogorskaya and his colleagues came to the conclusion that the object is at first glance somewhat similar to the onboard navigation lights (Bano) of the plane, but there is doubt. Study to date video uncommon continue to do.

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