The utility of Rostov-on-Don got new sweepers

Today, June 7, Mayor of Rostov-on-Don to the district town of five new cars for cleaning. Deputy Mayor for Housing Vladimir Artsybashev said that the funds allocated for the purchase of the budget.

About 8 million rubles worth every machine that can be used in summer as in winter or with the special equipment. In summer, the machine will function as a vacuum cleaner to clean the snow in the winter.

Artsybashev assures that the machines were distributed to areas that lack the harvesters and the money to buy equipment.

New cars more efficient human labor by 80 times. A new technique for the 8:00 will clean an area of 40 thousand square meters, where only three people. Tech stands and work around the clock.

Deputy Mayor for Housing assured that the five machines — this is only the beginning. Need of 32 such machines, which will be purchased by 2018. To clean the sidewalks will acquire 64 vacuum cleaner, but more than the smaller ones.

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