There is a great opportunity to collapse the duet Merkozy

There is a high probability of decay of the duo, "Merkozy"

Negotiations on renewing the country's debt crisis in the Eurozone. On Monday in Berlin, he met German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Nicolas Sarkozy. But investors' attention is more focused on the political side of the issue.

Regardless of what kind of agreements are reached, that could change if the current French president lose the April elections. Socialist Francois Hollande, the main competitor Sarkozy in the upcoming elections, a couple of times stated that they may be revised agreement on the strengthening of discipline and economical implementation of sanctions against the debtor countries. Agreement was reached in December 2011.

Such a revision will certainly cause disagreement between Germany and France. Moreover, experts believe that the sluggish economic problems of the French can vote for Marine Le Pen, ranked third in the presidential race. It should be noted that Marine Le Pen stands for a way out of the eurozone.

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