There were entrepreneurs — become unemployed

In the Belarusian banks are still not free to buy the currency. This greatly complicated the work of small businesses that sell on the commodity markets. On this subject — the messages of our regional correspondents who on Friday visited a number of markets, and talking with vendors and customers.


"Trade and before that was not, and now it stopped at all"

Traders in the markets of Brest trying to sell a product of the winter season, without raising prices. Many who want to help out so the money and go to the next month on vacation.

Brest businessman Nicholas Batsyashav believes that as a result of the situation on the currency market, there are thousands of new unemployed, many of the owners will not be able to cope with the new circumstances:

"It's crazy what's going on. I think this is the biggest shock for the small business. The goods we buy for the currency. And it is not in the country. Many on the verge of bankruptcy, which means that a lot of unemployed former entrepreneurs will be in the country. And now absolutely no indication that the situation will improve. "

Visitors to the market near the Central Department Store in Brest said that prices rose by an average of 20%. Entrepreneurs are much more willing to take as payment in U.S. dollars. Says Andrew, a visitor of the market:

"Traders do not know exactly what the dollar considered when setting prices for their goods. Therefore it is often much more willing to accept dollars than the Belarusian ruble. "

A resident of Brest Mary says that the market traders themselves often ask calculation was carried out in dollars:

"Entrepreneur, which I bought clothes in the market, he asked if there is a possibility that the payment was carried out in dollars. He noted that if translated into Belarusian rubles, he would be obliged to consider a course on 3500 rubles per dollar. But such a course of today simply do not exist. And this is happening against the background of a sharp rise in prices. "

Some are trying to sell their goods as soon as possible, even at cost, and in the next month to go on leave and to monitor the situation.

Nicholas Chernous, individual entrepreneur from Baranovichi, says that now there is practically no trade in the market. And this was difficult to sell something, it is now impossible:

Many are wondering whether or not to trade on. The situation with the dollar is not clear at all. Some believe a course with us at 4000 to the dollar, others — 4500, some to 3600 per dollar. And so the trade was bad, and now it stopped. "

Many entrepreneurs, according to Nicholas Charnavus are trying to sell their goods and go to the next month on vacation or even suspend its activities in order to avoid paying taxes.

"Some are trying to sell their goods as soon as possible, even at cost, and in the next month to go on leave and to monitor the situation. Taxes nobody canceled, they remain at the same level. And where to get the money to pay them? "

Vitebsk Region

Tradable goods bought up, and to update the range lacks currency

The shopping center "EVIC" part of the shutters closed and entrepreneurs in the workplace is not. They stand in line for currency exchangers in, explains businesswoman Irina Yaskevich:

"From 10 to 12 people standing next to each exchanger. And it's very unpleasant sight, especially if you're a buyer and bear to give up its $ 20! All drop in your pocket — how much do you bring to pass? And so people stand for hours! "

Irina is an organizational group to create the union of small entrepreneurs "Together." According to her, a small business in this volatile currency situation simply paralyzed. If you do not give electricity to the factory, the machine will not work — and the owners can not work because there is nothing to buy another batch of goods, said Irina Yaskevich:

It is time to tell our government that businesses can no longer carry on its business in the framework of the legislation.

"There has come a point when selling items sold out and refill product we can not, because there is no way to officially acquire the Russian ruble, the dollar. It is time to tell our government that businesses can no longer carry on its business in the framework of the law. "

Entrepreneurs have to settle for illegal foreign exchange transactions when buyers offer to pay in Russian rubles, dollars or euros. But those wanting a little: all are waiting for higher exchange rates.

But in all zealous currency dealers said Eugene, which trades on the Smolensk market. He says that entrepreneurs raise prices on goods because they have to buy them through informal, the appreciation of the dollar:

"The dollar in 3600 prices are killed. Once a currency speculators buying on such a course, and are not present currency, and the prices are out. "

Mr. Valery trades Polotsk market, just near the exchanger. He also is in line for dollars:

"Requests: To the same people were in line, and then in turn become! Only revenue is immediately going to buy to buy the old course. Everyone expects that the dollar will rise, so all mad!'s Who- then handed over $ 50, and they were immediately bought. "

According to the Russian ruble Vitebsk businessmen have started to go at the eastern border — in Smolensk or ore. There have also appeared currency dealers who specialize in the exchange of rubles: instead of the official rate when the Russian ruble is worth 110 Belarusian, they sell is 200 rubles.


The dollar exchange rate on the market for 3800 rubles, and soon will be 4000

How and where to buy the currency for the purchase of a new product — with such concerns live traders Mogilev flea markets. It became less and buyers.


On one of the most major markets Mogilev — Mogilev — Traders point drop in consumer activity. Merchant fixtures states that in the past two months found ourselves short to thirty percent of the proceeds:

"In the Belarusian rubles, and if anything, but to translate it to a dollar value — much less. Difficulties everywhere now, because entrepreneurs take the goods at the firms, and there prices are rising, respectively, and at retail in the market, they will not be less. While there is no set course of normal, nothing good will happen. "

Reporter"The course is on the market — which it is not official?".

Trader, "3800, and soon will be 4000."

Similar problems and the merchant gas equipment. He does not speak, or raise the price of their goods, but notes:

"Now, with these drops the price of goods increases. Fewer people are coming. People are missing out on what to eat to buy. Even people who gazyfikuyutstsa, they still think about. It is better to take them credit for what than pay cash. It is not known at all, as the prices are expected in the future. "

Not far from the merchant gas equipment turned his colleague with the film for greenhouses. Hype around his seasonal stock. Buyers interested in the price and go. Expensive, they say. Sam trader explains that the film brought back from Russia. Now the problem — how to purchase the Russian currency, that have to cheat a little:

"I possess the goods for the Russian money. And I can not buy here Russian money. What do I
do? I'm selling for Belarusian and how do I buy the product? . "

We ironmonger the same concern. "Previously, buyers breast is about me now — on a bed of nails and screws also save people, and my gurtaviki meanwhile raise prices," a trader said jokingly:

"Some companies do not release goods. Holding back because I did not know until the end of the course. The real exchange rate. Who says — 3800, 3600, 3400. There is no order. "

Valery Levaneuski

An activist of the movement of entrepreneurs in Belarus Valery Levaneuski: "Repeated situation last time"

"We've been through this. People are once again looking to buy foreign currency, because no one knows what will happen tomorrow. A dollar today — 3500 rubles. In banks, currency is not. People are buying dollars and euros in the so-called "black currency speculators." In Grodno there are now a lot again.

Entrepreneurs tend to sell quickly winter product, give it cheaper, as need money for new purchases for the next season.

At present, buyers and sellers — in a situation of shock. Both the former and the latter are stocking currency. Also, apparently dropped the demand on things. The situation is that consumers have more money to give to the food and save money on buying clothes, shoes, and other industrial products. "


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