This crisis — not a currency, and the whole of the Belarusian model of development

The currency crisis in Belarus continues. Exchangers in the queue to buy currency is still there: only if someone will hand. De facto, the Belarusian ruble has depreciated: Many commercial banks set their rates (much higher than the official rate of the National Bank) to repay, for example, foreign currency loans, not to mention the travel agencies and online retailers.

In the queue for exchange are not only grandmothers who want to convert their savings into foreign currency and hide in a stocking. People are forced to repay foreign currency loans for housing for cars, pay for turputevku currency, visa. In one of the commercial banks for a long time to explain to me that banking regulations prohibit foreign exchange to repay the loan in rubles. But bankers understand the situation and went to meet our customers:

"You can only make the current fee for that month, then you have to pay on the loan. However, I must warn you that it will be at the rate of 3450, so it is up to you. And to repay the entire loan should be the currency in which it was given to you. "

Starts the tourist season. On vacation in This year, the Belarusians may have problems, experts said, the editor of "Tourism and Recreation" Lily Kobzik:

"Companies need money to make an advance payment for hotel reservations, because we, Belarusians, can remain, as always," the nose ", the best hotels are a little expensive for us. We need to buy now. And for what to buy? Pay for travel services can only be in the currency, as providers of travel services — is non-residents. They certainly do not want to get the currency at the end of the season, and now. Where to take the currency — that is the question. "

In fact, many tour operators accept payment for vouchers in Belarusian rubles as at higher rates. The official website of «TEZ-tour" course on April 7 — 3400. Therefore, the forecast of prices stay relatively disappointing, says Lilia Kobzik:

Can be quite extreme option like Cuban — if the currency will not sell at all.

"Prices will go up because there will be an incredible game in the courses will be commercial courses. Let us not think that, say, oh, lay down the market, the prices will be small. Prices will be oh-she-it what! Because everyone will look at all as some food. "

Economist Leonid Zlotnikov forecasts regarding the future says: "How many years we have been going to this crisis! This is not a currency crisis, a crisis of the entire Belarusian model of development. Now the situation is unstable. Perhaps a return to the administrative control of the currencies to the multiplicity of exchange rates, on the contrary, it may cause a turn for the liberalization of the exchange rate — that is, who is more than willing, he will be buying the currency, and set your sights pretty high. Can be quite extreme option like Cuban — if the currency generally will not sell. "

Head of the Scientific and Methodological Center of the Belarusian Association of Banks Felix Cherniavskyi, that until the multiplicity of exchange rates and the forecast for the future, expressed the opinion:

"High rates of exchange are related, of course, with limitations. If there is a policy of devaluation increased the refinancing rate to squeeze inflation (because it always leads to a devaluation of the inflationary processes) and the resources are limited, then think again set a uniform rate and the internal kanvertavalnasts Belarusian ruble . "


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