Thousands of people came to France to await the arrival of UFOs, hoping to escape the end of the world

December 20, 2012 15:32

Special Correspondent "KP" has gone to the magical village to find out about saving Noah's ark.

This small village is located next to Byugarash Byugarash mountain — it Pyrenees, France. A lot of forests and mountains. Lost at all, here's how to say in English, "in the middle of nowhere", that is, it is a lost village, home to just 170 residents.
This village has always had the reputation of such a sacred place, not even a village, and the mountain Byugarash something wrong with her, as always felt since the days of the Roman Empire. Moreover, at the time there were digging canals variety of special services of the world, including the German army, and why, no one knows.

Then in the mountain looking for gold Hitler Mossad, and it is famous for the fact that every summer seminars people who are looking for communication with the internal energy of the world, the relationship with the cosmos, with the third eye, etc.
It only had a quiet asylum, that's nobody's business. Now the mountain turned into a fetish, a terribly popular place to which people come from all over the world, because the newspapers have launched a bike, it is here that the ship landed on December 21 with little green men, who will select those who will be on the mountain . Where will take their ship is unknown, but it seems like a bright happy future. That is, in this way, the mountain Byugarash — is a Noah's Ark, which should sink pair of every creature and move to a better life.
And the problem is that in recent months have come here very strange personalities and local residents complained to the police that roam the mountains women in long white robes or completely naked — there were some cases — to connect with the cosmos, with the internal and external energy world, etc.
The police are all cleaned up and now there is such a strange thing. Because from tomorrow all the posts, tree-covered, will be closed by the gendarmerie, that is, the local French police. To the extent that in the mountains already lodged police at different points. Now they move on horseback … Starting tomorrow the whole area will be closed.
Before the end of the world is left for two days, so that all those who want to get on the ship and the aliens to move to a better world, is hidden in a small hotel room and take off around the village in time to get to the very moment when the UFO will take them, and transfer to a better world. Already helicopters fly over the village, and verify that it is, as soon as the police cordoned off the entire area.
All real people wishing to get to the next world with aliens trying to show as little as possible. We saw only private homes, where the sound of the music of Pink Floyd and the faint smell of marijuana, where, apparently, people are preparing themselves for the right condition at the time of the apocalypse.
France, Mount Byugarash.

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