Together with Poczobut

Journalists have taken an action of solidarity with arrested colleague Andrei Poczobut. Grodno correspondent of the Polish "Gazeta Wyborcza" Andrzej Poczobut continued preventive measure, it will remain in custody for at least another two months. A criminal case on two counts: 368 (part one) — "insulting the president" and 367 (first part) — "defamation of the president." The investigation leads Grodno Oblast Prosecutor's Office, based on the case — the publication of Andrei Poczobut, most of which is taken from the "Gazeta Wyborcza".

Photojournalist Julia Darashkevich protests against the fact that Andrei Poczobut locked up, prepare a lawsuit over it:

Julia Darashkevich

"Andrew Pochobut — my brother, we have worked together, and it's a man for whom" only really interesting, "is the slogan with which he lives and works. It angered me that imprisoned journalist hit it, my colleague, for his professional activity. fact that he put, this is his blog, the internet, "Gazeta Wyborcza." The least we can do — is to show solidarity with our colleagues, friends, and subscribe to his articles, sharing this responsibility. it is symbolic, of course, action, solidarity. In its friend-tape I see that dozens of people have already done this perapost. "

Julia offers Darashkevich ensure that Andrei Poczobut change the measure of restraint. She recalls that he had small children:

"I want to say that this is just the beginning of solidarity that we, the friends of Andrei Poczobut, we do. Already made form surety for him, which will be submitted to the prosecutor's office to change the measure of restraint. Signatures can be put in Grodno and Minsk, they are in the BPF. Just today, you can download them from the Internet. Andrei Poczobut in the house two small children. He is a journalist, not a heavy criminal, who should be kept behind bars. Of course, we understand that this will be the political will of the leadership of the country — to leave him behind bars or release, but this is what we can do for him today, that the help we can give him. "

Andrei Poczobut — a regular contributor to the magazine "Arche", he won the wording "For the word of honor." Editor in chief Valery Bulgakov:

Valery Bulgakov

"Lukashenka's regime chose several targets for which opened fire. The reason — not the face of Andrei Poczobut, despite all the glitz and the breadth of his talent. The reason is that the regime felt that it is losing the information war on the Internet. Events at the Plaza have shown that the Internet, social networks have become a powerful tool for creating mass awareness. The audience of online media and private blogs in the hundreds of thousands of readers. Regime decided to choose a reputable people whose work is of great public interest. And arresting znyavazhyvshy them, intimidate, steraryzavats Belarusian society, including unimat internet activity. "

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