Tons of dead fish found in the lake district in the Annunciation Achikul

On Lake Achikul that Bashkortostan's Annunciation, the day before found a large number of dead carp along the east coast.
According to public assistants Union environmentalists RB width continuous band dead and moribund fish even reach five feet. The length of the band is more than a kilometer, which suggests several tons of dead carp. In this case, the birds do not touch the risen to the surface of the lake fish.

Currently, an employee of the RB of the Middle territorial department of the Federal Agency for Fisheries already went to the scene of mass death of fish. Results will be known tomorrow.

Chairman of the Union of ecologists of the republic Alexander Veselov commented Happened on the lake ecological tragedy:

— This fact can not be winter Zamora. Along the shore of the lake there is iridescent film and places — a layer of brownish liquid c chemical odor. From all indications, there was a volley dumping chemicals Achikul.

Two kilometers away on the surface of the lake catchment Achikul is the main production of "Ufaneftekhim" as well as unauthorized and hazardous waste nerekultivirovannaya this company continues Veselov. According to local residents, the lake used to be a spring that about 20 years ago, "Ufaneftekhim" cemented because of contact with the spring water of chemical waste. But no wonder they say that the water will always find its way. Therefore, I assume that the cause of pollution Achikulya became trapped in a water table that contained harmful chemicals. This led to extremely high pollution of the lake and the mass death of fish

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